There is still time to register for the ElleFintech course

There is still time to register for the ElleFintech course
There is still time to register for the ElleFintech course

For those looking to shine, master the art of pitching and raise funds for their business, the ElleFintech course from Finance Montréal, Quebec’s financial cluster, will provide them with the necessary tools.


In addition to developing skills that will then be put to the test during a real-life pitch in front of an audience of investors and industry experts, the program will also provide them with increased visibility and recognition.

Throughout the journey, they will benefit from a spotlight on their achievements and their business, while attracting the attention of potential investors.

A program in three modules

The program, which will run from June 17 to September 11, 2024, offers a mix of group and individual sessions.

This will be deployed in three modules:

1. “Funding for women”

This part will allow women entrepreneurs to learn how to identify and contact relevant venture capital investors. She will also look at ways to learn about the different types of financing available and develop an effective approach to obtaining financing.

2. “Preparing your pitch – The basics”

In this part, course members will learn to:

  • structure their message clearly and concisely;
  • identify and target their audience;
  • adapt their vocabulary and communication style;
  • create clear, value-added slides;
  • maximize the impact of their pitch and attract potential prospects.

3. “Preparing your pitch – The form”

Finally, the last part of the program will help its members develop captivating posture and gestures; to control their voice and their gaze to attract attention and teach them to manage their stress and project confidence.

Dates to remember

Interested entrepreneurs have until June 5, 2024 to apply. The seats are limited. On June 7, the selected candidates will be announced. This will be followed by the start of the program on June 17, 2024. The journey will end with the Panel at the Fintech Canada Forum on September 11, 2024.



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