Daily press review for this Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Daily press review for this Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Daily press review for this Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Here are the main headlines developed by the national press for this Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Economist

Tourism: parliamentarians add to the file

THE Parliamentary Thematic Commission responsible for evaluating public policy on tourism is accelerating the pace of work. She recently held a meeting with professionals, public establishments, who work in this area. This Wednesday, the Commission will look at transport linked to tourism. Throughout this work, several professionals have raised the problem of aviation liability. Others have pointed out the glaring deficit in maritime transport, particularly since the disappearance of Moroccan shipping companies. This resulted in a surge in ticket prices for the boat crossing. They also noted that cruise ships no longer dock in the ports of Moroccan cities. However, this niche was very profitable for the cities which saw up to 2,000 tourists arrive to spend two days in town.

Let’s go for the Moroccan university 4.0

Acceleration in sight in the implementation of the ESRI 2030 Pact! The Moroccan University 4.0 program, developed to achieve some of the PACTE orientations, will soon start. The ADB has, in fact, already given its financing agreement for the implementation of the projects selected to achieve academic and scientific excellence. This is a loan of 120 million euros, which will be gradually released during the five years of implementation of the Moroccan University 4.0 program. Which aims at three major objectives: improving the training offer and environment, the digitalization of an innovative Moroccan university and the promotion of excellence, entrepreneurship and employability.


Deductions from aid, household eligibility, waiting times… Lekjaa’s explanations

Deductions from amounts received as part of direct aid granted to households continue to spark debate within Parliament. Questioned by opposition groups in the House of Representatives, Fouzi Lekjaa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance, in charge of the Budget, explained that the sums deducted – whose value varies between 8 and 24 dirhams depending on the value of the aid granted – are the costs of the entire banking process through which the amount paid to households passes. The government has set up a special banking offer for this project with an account not exceeding 5 dirhams per month, all taxes included. The mechanism put in place by the Executive aims, according to the Minister, to streamline the various support operations from A to Z.

Morocco in the African top 4, despite a global decline

Despite a significant drop in fuel prices globally, these prices remain among the highest in Morocco in recent times, a situation that raises many questions and criticisms. While global consumers benefit from lower costs, Moroccans continue to pay high prices for fuel, making the Kingdom one of the highest priced countries in Africa. According to reviews from the Global Petrol Prices website, which specializes in monitoring fuel prices on a global scale, Morocco currently ranks fourth among African countries with the highest fuel prices. As of May 20, the price of a liter of fuel in Morocco is $1.54, just after the Central African Republic, Senegal, Seychelles and Zimbabwe.

Eco inspirations

Taxation: Morocco’s new “blue helmets”

If Morocco is known to be a major supplier of peacekeepers for UN missions, it also exports its know-how in tax matters, as part of the “Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TISF)” Initiative. launched by the UNDP and the OECD. Moreover, at the moment, a group of tax inspectors is in Sri Lanka for a mission to strengthen the capacities of the tax administration of this country, reveals a Source at the DGI. They work on tax control techniques, transfer pricing and advance pricing agreements (APPs). This technical assistance is based on “learning by doing”, the famous method known as “learning by doing”. The DGI teams, selected following a competitive process, have participated continuously in this program for six years.

The increase in paid employment does not compensate for the rise in unemployment

If there is a real problem facing the Moroccan economy, it is obviously its ability to create jobs to stem unemployment. The latest economic report from the Department of Financial Studies and Forecasts (DEPF), which provided an overview of the Moroccan economy for the month of March 2024, highlighted this persistent challenge. In this sense, the job market continues to suffer from the impacts of water stress. In relation to the labor market, the volume of employment fell by 80,000 positions at the end of the first quarter. Nevertheless, the volume of paid employment increased by 75,000 new positions. As for unpaid employment, it contracted by 154,000 positions. However, it should be noted that despite this negative development, the share of paid employment in total employment continues to improve, reaching 90.1% in the first quarter of 2024, after 88.7% a year earlier.

The morning

Sovereignty: how Morocco can escape “digital colonization”

The Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence has just published a report setting out an ambitious strategy for Morocco to achieve its digital sovereignty. The Moroccan Institute proposes a detailed strategy in 5 axes to allow the Kingdom to “gradually achieve autonomy in digital matters”. The first axis recommends the establishment of renewed governance, bringing together all public and private actors in a renovated framework. The 2nd calls for identifying and financially supporting technological startups with high potential to make them the future champions of the Moroccan pavilion. The 3rd axis recommends strengthening the legislative and regulatory framework for this strategic sector. The 4th aims to permanently audit and secure critical infrastructures and information systems in a logic of “defense zone of sovereign digital assets”, while the 5th axis aims to bring coherence to all the Kingdom’s initiatives under the aegis of the Maroc Digital 2030 national digital strategy.

Automotive industry: Morocco is the most attractive market in the MENA region

Morocco stands out as the most attractive market for the automotive industry in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to the latest BMI-Fitch Solutions Risk and Reward Index. With a better rating, Morocco outperforms its neighbors thanks to its strategic location, political stability and well-developed industrial infrastructure. This promising positioning is reinforced by a favorable investment environment and a booming electric vehicle industry.

Al Ahdath almaghribia

The cafe crisis enters Parliament

The Competition Council managed to contain the movement desired by certain cafe owners, aimed at increasing the prices of drinks. In a statement to the daily, Noureddine El Harrak, president of the National Association of Café and Restaurant Owners of Morocco (ANPCRM), indicated that café and restaurant owners are against “any initiative that goes against laws in force” and denounced “the attitude of those who have concluded an agreement on the prices they charge for their consumption”. He noted, however, that cafes are experiencing a stifling structural crisis whose intensity has increased since the Covid 19 pandemic, furthermore suffering for three months an unprecedented increase in prices, particularly that of coffee, on the national market. The ANPCRM office also shared with the Competition Council, which is an institution consulted by Parliament and the government, the outlines of an organic bill for the sector, with the aim of working together to its development and submission to Parliament as quickly as possible, in order to remedy the chaotic situation experienced by the sector.


The ministerial reshuffle before the 2025 PLF

According to indiscretions coming from the entourage of the leaders of the government majority, a ministerial reshuffle would be expected before the holding of the council of ministers, which should take place between June and July, in order to set the strategic orientations of the 2025 finance bill The daily’s sources indicated that the announcement of the ministerial reshuffle should come before the framework note from the Head of Government, addressed to all ministerial departments, setting the priorities of the executive, including budgetary priorities before submission. of the bill, excluding the PLF 2025 from being developed with departing government officials, which would complicate the task of new ministers, forced to follow a budget that they would not have developed. According to these sources, the ministerial reshuffle will mainly concern the Economy and Finance portfolio, where Nadia Fettah would be leaving in favor of one of the leaders of the government coalition, who would be the secretary general of the Istiqlal party. , Nizar Baraka.

Al Akhbar

Medical school crisis intensifies as exams approach

The specter of the white year is approaching more and more, in view of the university season in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry in Morocco, in light of the efforts undertaken by the deans of the said faculties in order to encourage students to suspend their boycott of studies and exams. According to a member of the Sectoral Coordination of Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry, the general trend among students is “the continuation of the boycott”, at a time when parents have joined the protests alongside students, after the he announcement by the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat of the suspension of three students for two years. The government, for its part, clings to its refusal to “give in to the students’ demands”, in a position reaffirmed by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Riyad Mezzour during a press conference organized in Salé by the Lafqui Titouani Foundation, where he found it “impossible to make a decision jeopardizing the future of Morocco”, commenting on the rejection of medical students of the decision to reduce the years of study from seven to six years.



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