Exchange College launches two new courses: Ms Green Finance & Ms Audit and Management Control

Exchange College launches two new courses: Ms Green Finance & Ms Audit and Management Control
Exchange College launches two new courses: Ms Green Finance & Ms Audit and Management Control

Towards a sustainable financial future

In a context marked by growing awareness of environmental issues, green finance is positioning itself as a central pillar of the transition to a sustainable economy.

At the same time, the need for strong financial governanceembodied in particular by audit and management control, becomes essential to guarantee transparency and responsibility in commercial practices.

The opening of these new sectors in green finance and audit and management control responds to contemporary challenges and aims to shape a sustainable financial future. These educational programs will train a qualified and competent workforce, ready to meet the challenges of the transition to a more environmentally friendly and ethical economy.

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The MS Green Finance

It allows students to acquire essential skills to integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into financial decision-making processes. They will be trained to assess the risks and the sustainability opportunitieswhile becoming familiar with the tools for managing the environmental impacts of companies.

Students will also have the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, team management, as well as ethics and corporate social responsibility, essential assets to help them succeed in their future careers in green finance.

The outlets

Sustainable development financial advisor, Sustainable finance consultant, Sustainable wealth manager, Green investment advisor, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department manager, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) analyst.

The MS Audit and management control

In an economic world constantly evolvingthe need for expertise in audit and management control is crucial for companies seeking to optimize their performance and operational efficiency. This program allows students to gain a solid understanding of accounting principles, auditing standards and internal control tools.

The outlets

Financial Director, Financial Analyst, Administrative and Financial Director, Deputy Agency Manager, Professional Portfolio Manager.

Admission procedures

These courses are available initially or on a work-study basis (apprenticeship or professionalization contract), offering a individualized follow-up with dedicated advisors and referents, as well as a pace adaptable to the needs of the company. Students and professionals have one year to be operational for the job market by obtaining the RNCP level 7 title Financial Performance Manager, a diploma recognized by the State.

Candidates are invited to complete an online form to compile their application file, take tests and a motivational interview. They will then be informed of their admission.

Test: are you made for the environment and sustainable development professions?



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