With these 4 flavors, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin has its craft brewery

With these 4 flavors, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin has its craft brewery
With these 4 flavors, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin has its craft brewery

The time when Johann Lanteri tested his beer formulas in Castellar is now over. The beginnings are Spartan, “in a cellar with a small vat…”, he said. From now on, the artisan brewer is based in the town of Roquebrun and he brews there with his partner, Cassandre Broutin, four varieties of beer with very local appellations.

At the very beginning of our activity, we thought of establishing ourselves permanently in Castellar which was our place of residence, we looked on a map and we chose Oura as our name. It’s a river crossing the town near us”, Cassandra explains. With their daughter, Kelya, the couple set up an SARL which officially came to life in July 2023. They will then rent premises at 1263 rue Antoine Péglion. After a few months of work, the first vintage was released at the end of December. A Christmas present. “It was our first 200 liter brew”, breathes Johann. The first Oura beers are born.

In Roquebrunois shops

After refining its recipes, the Oura brewery obviously looked into the commercial aspect. “We had to stock up so that we could offer our products to merchants and fulfill our orders, for the moment we are only focusing on Roquebrune.” Cassandra points. It is the short circuit which is thus favored. “We try to buy local and French”, adds Johann who also advocates resale in small shops.

Roquebrunois will be able to find Oura beers in certain local restaurants and merchants. Currently production is bottled only,”but soon we will also make barrels”, announces the brewer. Enough to expand an emerging range.

Craftsmen know well that the start-up period is essential for establishing solid foundations. If it is still too early to talk about benefits with a young activity, “we have projects and partnerships that are being established”, slips Cassandra. Naturally, the range has – already – been expanded with four beers offered: Penna (blonde), Carnolésienne (white), Orméa (amber) and Mont Ours (brown). And there will soon be a new beer which will take the name of a famous hill in the village of Roquebrune… Mystery.

Becoming and knowing and evolving

Concerning the development strategy, the couple wants to be wise. “We first want to make ourselves known. For now we are focusing on finding a little place for ourselves and on our beer production, we will see as we go along.” Cassandre and Johann are not counting their hours for the moment because they know that this phase is essential. And when brewers are asked about production capacity forecasts, the answer comes out: “Be on task!”

Consumer price: €3.50 per beer, €19 for 6. Purchase possible at 1263 rue Antoine Péglion from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Rens. – [email protected]
On Facebook and Instagram: brasserie de L’oura.

Production stages

They care about it. The artisans of Oura, when asked about the stages of production, say heartily: “Cleaning and disinfecting first!”. Next comes the grinding of the grains, “I crush them”, then brewing time arrives. 130 minutes of mash then the soft is brought to the boil in 80 minutes before adding the hops.

The liquid is then cooled with the transfer to the fermentation tanks and once it drops to 20 degrees, the yeasts are added. This stage lasts two weeks before re-sweetening and bottling, and a second fermentation in the bottles.

Capping, labeling and cartoning are the last steps before sale and tasting. “I would like to point out that I use a five-step mash method, this is the complicated method for making beer.”says Johann.



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