Vetropack strikers meet the population

Vetropack strikers meet the population
Vetropack strikers meet the population

The strikers meet the population

Posted today at 5:01 p.m.

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The staff of the Vetropack factory in St-Prex (VD), on strike for three days, invited the population on Sunday to a day of solidarity with their movement. Several hundred people responded, according to the Unia union.

From 10:00 a.m., the strikers met and interacted with the population at the St-Prex market. “They were very well received and felt supported in their battle,” Nicole Vassalli, head of the Unia Vaud industry sector, told Keystone-ATS.

A Canadian meal was then held in front of the factory. The official part, in which some 300 people participated according to the organizers, brought together Pierre-Yves Maillard, president of the Swiss Trade Union (USS), and Vania Alleva, president of Unia Suisse, both of whom came to testify to their support for the movement.

The striking staff then left in a procession towards the old town of St-Prex. “There were a lot of people, also at the windows, on the balconies. The strikers were fully supported and warmly applauded. We have not seen any opposition to the movement,” notes Nicole Vassalli.

Three demands

Since the announcement in mid-May of the closure of the glassworks, the employees, supported by the Unia and Syna unions, have demanded that “real negotiations” be carried out regarding the social plan.

They also demand a freeze on layoffs – around 180 positions must be eliminated – until this social plan has been negotiated and signed. They ultimately demand the maintenance of industrial jobs in St-Prex in the event of takeover by another company.

Believing that management is not responding to these three demands, the employees met in an assembly and decided to go on strike late Friday morning. The movement is followed by “a large majority” of employees, according to Unia Vaud, which specifies that the factory is not completely shut down, so as not to damage the installations, but that no more bottles leave the site .


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