150 GB at €9.99/month

150 GB at €9.99/month
150 GB at €9.99/month

Data-generous 5G plans are generally expensive but lately, operators have been coming up with the best offer one after the other and the latest to have taken advantage is NRJ Mobile with a new no-commitment 5G plan with a large envelope of 150 GB of mobile data for less than 10 euros per month!

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Initially, 5G plans were quite expensive, much more than 4G plans. However, with inflation and increases in prices and taxes on all sides, we are more likely to move towards cheap packages, without commitment and which do not increase in price after a year. At the moment, several operators are competing for the best offer on a 5G package and it looks like NRJ Mobile wins the prize with this 150 GB package at only 9.99 euros per month.

What does this 5G package from NRJ Mobile offer?

  • A large envelope of 150 GB in 5G
  • 18 GB of 4G data from Europe and the French Overseas Territories
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
  • The Bouygues Télécom network

Currently, NRJ Mobile’s 150 GB 5G plan is now available at 9.99 euros per month. The SIM card is billed at 1 euro and as usual with this operator, it is without commitment and the amount does not increase after a year!

The best GB/price ratio of a 5G package to date!

This new 5G plan from NRJ Mobile is suitable for those looking to reduce their monthly expenses without wanting to sacrifice their mobile data consumption. Knowing that we consume on average around fifteen GB per month, there is plenty to do with this gigantic 150 GB envelope. Surf the web, watch a streaming series, create a connection point for your laptop, play online or stream, anything goes, especially since you can take advantage of the strength of the 5G network.

We can thus benefit from the best speeds in mainland France, while in the countries of the European Union and the overseas departments, we only benefit from the 4G network. The speeds are, of course, lower, but this has no impact on everyday uses such as navigation and the use of applications. However, the envelope is reduced here to only 18 GB, so you should consider moderating its use and limiting yourself to necessary uses such as geolocation or web browsing.

With the quality of the Bouygues Télécom network

Like the majority of mobile plans on the market, telecommunications are unlimited, at least to a certain extent. Calls, SMS and MMS from France are said to be unlimited, the same goes for calls, SMS and MMS from and to the EU and the French Overseas Territories. But in reality, there are conditions to respect, namely a limit of three hours per call and another of 129 recipients per month, including 99 from the EU and the French Overseas Territories.

Finally, remember that NRJ Mobile is an MVNO, a virtual operator which does not have its own network infrastructure, but which uses that of one of the four telecoms giants. With an NRJ Mobile plan, you benefit from the Bouygues Télécom network, renowned for being the No. 2 network in France, behind Orange, according to the latest ARCEP reports. In terms of coverage, Bouygues’ 5G network extends over more than 25% of the territory and adopts a strategy between rapid deployment and the most efficient speeds.

If you want to keep your telephone number, you can request one for free. You will simply need to bring your RIO. If you don’t know how to recover it, we explain everything to you here. By doing so, the change of operator will take place without interruption.

Unlimited calls

130 GB in France

35 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls

100 GB in France

100 GB in Europe



During 6 months

Unlimited calls

300 GB in France

35 GB in Europe

All 5G plans



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