Lidl warns its customers about this product sold in May

Lidl warns all its customers who made their purchases between May 11 and 17 that this product is very dangerous for health!

If you purchased from Lidl between May 11 and 17, then you must check your purchase receipt carefully. Because this product is very dangerous for your health!

A dangerous product at Lidl

For years, Lidl does everything possible to keep its loyal customers. She ensures that her customers never return to her stores empty-handed.

You can therefore find a whole range of products there. Food galore, decoration, household, hygiene or gardening products… There is everything, even household appliances.

The items are always of good quality, and at affordable prices. Very often there are promotions on food. You can even find exceptional discounts on fruits and vegetables every evening.

Thus, the firm prioritizes local products. It is therefore an eco-responsible value that its customers really like. This is also the reason why the faithful of Lidl come there in droves.

If the products of Lidl have the gift of achieving unanimity, some disappoint customers, because of the great danger they represent to health.

In recent weeks, the brand has found itself in a big bad buzz, with the sale of its expired steaks. Or even with nuggets filled with worms… A family revealed shocking videos which went around the Internet.

And this week, the firm also returns to a marketed product which also presents a danger to humans. He could even cause severe eye irritation and produce an allergic reaction ».

To reassure its loyal customers, Lidl promises strict quality control on all its products. But despite all its efforts, the brand makes mistakes…

A product to be banned urgently

Eh yes ! There are therefore irregularities which can have major negative impacts. On several occasions, Rappel Conso has therefore sounded the alarm regarding the products sold by the firm.

This Tuesday, May 21, 2024, the Rappel Conso site launched the alert on watermelons found at Lidl. Caution is necessary! Because these products are in recall.

Rappel Conso thus denounces this product “as a precautionary measure following exceeding the maximum residue limit on the “flonicamide” molecule”.

But then the question arises, why is this molecule so worrying? Quite simply because producers use it as an insecticide to protect the plantation against insects such as aphids.

This allows for more harvest and better quality fruit. But according to the site, this substance is very dangerous. It can even be toxic when we swallow the contaminated product.

But our colleagues from Nuit France point out that by “inhalation or through the skin, the impact is rather less. However, the products in question are fruit, so there are risks. »

This molecule should not be neglected. Because she is also capable of “produce an allergic reaction“. Even worse ! She can alsocause severe eye irritation“.

As a reminder, the firm Lidl therefore sold these watermelons in bulk between May 11 and 17, 2024. And this, in almost all of its stores in France. These are therefore fruits which bear the reference L 19-03.

So don’t hesitate to check the date of your purchase. You can therefore return this fruit until June 5. This will give you a refund.


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