The CAQ does not like Quebec

The CAQ does not like Quebec
The CAQ does not like Quebec

If the Legault government loved Quebec as it claims, it would protect its territory.


Since the CAQ came to power in 2018, the great devastation of our territory has intensified.

Natural environments, wetlands, agricultural lands and forest areas: everything goes! They disappear or deteriorate, one small piece at a time, whatever the consequences for our water supply, our resilience to climate extremes, our food sovereignty, biodiversity and more generally on our health and safety.

This government makes its decisions with its nose glued to the rearview mirror, as if we were still in the 1950s. It does not look at what is ahead.

He governs in denial of the social and economic crises that are on the horizon, while we are beginning to suffer the consequences of climate change.

Wet environments

This week, the Bureau of Investigation of Newspaper revealed that Quebec authorized Microsoft to destroy the equivalent of nine football fields in wetlands for the construction of data centers in Donnacona.

According to experts, the American multinational could have set up shop on unused industrial land. However, it was cheaper for him to choose this wetland environment by paying the financial compensation.

This is how we dry up one wetland after another, ignoring the great value of the ecosystem services that they provide us for free: water purification, natural sponges absorbing excess rain and releasing water slowly during periods of rain. droughts, carbon storage and biodiversity reservoir. Notably!

In just over six years, the Legault government has authorized the destruction of wetlands equivalent to 11 times the size of Mount Royal Park. For this, he obtained financial compensation of $173 million to be used to create or restore comparable environments elsewhere. However, barely 1% was used!

This is without counting all the wetlands illegally destroyed, without any reliable figures being reported, since we do not do enough inspections.

This situation was denounced by Janique Lambert, Quebec’s sustainable development commissioner. In 2023, it already demonstrated that the Ministry of the Environment was not adequately using the mechanisms planned to protect wetlands.

The situation has not improved since his damning report.

Forestry and agricultural environments

The situation is no better in forestry or agricultural environments.

One cutting permit at a time, the Ministry of Forests gives priority to logging. Because forest ecosystems are not given time to regenerate, the habitat of several species is threatened. At the risk of losing our woodland caribou.

It is also the sustainability of our agricultural land that is in danger, according to the latest report by Janique Lambert. She denounces the disappearance of our best lands for the benefit of other uses. As is the deterioration of soil quality due to industrial agriculture and the use of pesticides.

How many more alarm bells will have to ring for us to wake up collectively?



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