MyFree pairs your accounts in one app

MyFree pairs your accounts in one app
MyFree pairs your accounts in one app

The Free operator is always ready to simplify the lives of its customers. Currently, he combines his Freebox and Free Mobile accounts in a single application, MyFree, in order to manage them on the same platform!

Offering mobile plans and internet boxes, Free has always made two spaces available to its customers to manage their subscriptions. The first provides access to account management, and the second concerns formulas. Today, that era is over, as the two are set to merge into a single app. A faster and more efficient way that will help you better manage your accounts!

MyFree, an application to make your life easier!

Freebox and Free Mobile subscribers have, for some time now, had to find out and manage their account by juggling between two platforms. In fact, to access the management of your box, you had to go to FAI Free. As for subscriptions, the second allowed you to find out about your mobile data, your offer, etc. On the other hand, this was not very practical. This is why the operator decided to solve this problem by merging the two.

You will have understood, the ISP has made things easier by grouping these two services under the same app: MyFree. The latter allows you to access your internet account. Once there, the section Mobile Subscriber Area will be displayed. “With just one click, you can access several key features that allow you to manage your account independently“, explained the company in a press release.

A novelty that will please you!

The Iliad subsidiaryFrench telecommunications group, announces an overhaul of its Subscriber space. In addition, the application home page now includes two new options. These allow you to connect either to your box space, your mobile space or both at the same time.

Divided into three sections, you will find the section Home, My Account and Settings. On the first, you will be able to consult your last invoice and your adjusted data consumption. You can even download the last twelve invoices for your subscription.

As for ” My account», this section will allow you to manage your lines toreattach a Freebox, create a new one or change subscription. Contrary to what you believe, this platform is not new. This is, in fact, an update of the Freebox Subscriber Area.

To benefit from it, all you have to do is go toApp Store or Google Play Store. From there, simply upgrade your current app.

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