WhatsApp vulnerability alert: your conversations spied on

WhatsApp vulnerability alert: your conversations spied on
WhatsApp vulnerability alert: your conversations spied on

In the world of technology, vulnerabilities are commonplace. Moreover, WhatsApp is currently facing a worrying security threat.

After a series of security issues that affected some Android devices, Meta’s green messaging is also a victim. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by The Intercept, a vulnerability exposes sensitive information of application users. This is worrying, because it is a real violation of their confidentiality!

“Our at-risk users need protection”

This news sparked outrage in the world of digital security. Wednesday May 22, the site The Intercept indicated the detection of a breach on WhatsApp. This could be exploited by “government agencies “.

The site reveals that since March, the platform’s security team had issued an internal warning. The latter claimed that despite the software’s powerful encryption, users remained vulnerable to a dangerous form of espionage.

WhatsApp should mitigate continued exploitation of traffic analysis vulnerabilities that allow nation states to determine who is talking to whom […] Our at-risk users need robust and viable protections against traffic analysis “.

This flaw allows the authorities to get their hands on a lot of user data. Indeed, they can know who they are communicating with, which groups they belong to, and even locate their geographical position.

“Inspection and analysis of network traffic is completely invisible to us, but it reveals the connections between our users: who is in a group together, who is sending messages to whom, and (hardest to hide) who is calling Who “unveils the report.

WhatsApp denies the existence of the flaw

The article fromThe Interceptreacted Will Cathcart, the boss of the application with the green logo, who refutes the term flaw used in the report.

There is no evidence of a vulnerability in WhatsApp and this article is likely to cause great confusion for people who rely on end-to-end encryption“, did he declare.

According to him, end-to-end encryption (the technology used by the application) is sufficient to protect user privacy. In effect, it makes the content of users’ messages invisible. This way, it cannot be read by anyone else. The manager affirms that the platform itself cannot consult the messages exchanged between two users.

It should be noted that end-to-end encryption is also used by other messengers. These include iMessage and Messenger since the end of 2023. For now, it has not been undermined and continues to be a guarantee of confidentiality protection.

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