Here’s how much it costs to have a terrace built in Quebec

Having your terrace built from A to Z by a contractor would cost $5,000 to $40,000, according to Stéphane Principe, owner of Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu, located in Montreal.

“The difference in figures is large, but it depends on the surface area we want to cover and the complexity,” said Mr. Principe in a telephone interview.

He gives the example of a high terrace that is made 10 feet in the air, versus a terrace at ground level.

“Even if the surface area is the same, there is a complexity with the challenge of working in a scaffold, that can affect prices,” explains Mr. Principe, whose construction of terraces represents nearly 60% of his turnover. ‘business.

A terrace (not completely finished) from the Patios et Clôtures Beaulieu team. The floor is in IPE and the vertical boards are in cedar.

Photo provided by Stéphane Principe

The choice of ramp types (glass, aluminum or wood), the addition of landings of different heights and the reinforcements necessary to accommodate a potential spa are all factors that increase the price, this time, according to Antoine Lavigne , director of the renovation sector at Soumissions Québec, a quote comparison site, which brings together a network of 250 contractors.

“The price varies depending on the complexity of the structure of the patio and its size,” also affirms Mr. Lavigne.

Depending on the type of coating

However, the choice of materials is the aspect that has the biggest impact on the cost of the project, again according to Antoine Lavigne.

“Treated wood is the option most sought after by customers who request quotes when redoing their patio,” says Mr. Lavigne.

The latter mentions that it is the economical or entry-level option par excellence, which costs between $4 and $10 per square foot. And up to $30-$40 per square foot, including installation.

Mr. Lavigne also explains that for comparison, composite is a more resistant material which costs between $6.50 and $9 per square foot. And from $60/ft2 and more, including labor.

Antoine Lavigne, director of the renovation sector at Soumissions Québec

Photo provided by Soumission Québec

“The higher price comes with a longer lifespan as well as almost no maintenance,” he adds.

“You buy peace of mind with composite for a good long time (around 25 years), he declares. Its only downside is its tendency to fade in the sun and its sometimes slippery surface. »

An example

Alexandre Gravel, producer of the YouTube channel Les Rénos d’Alex (more than 39,000 subscribers), gave us an example of the price of a 10×10 residential terrace, at ground level.

“I recommend having screw piles installed for long-lasting work,” says Mr. Gravel, who is also a manager in the construction field. The cost of piles for a 10×10 deck is approximately $1000.

Once your piles are screwed in, the wooden structure of a 10×10 terrace should cost you around $3,000, again according to Mr. Gravel.

And installing a covering for a 10×10 deck will cost around $2,000. If the cladding is cedar (between $4 and $5 per square foot), we add $3,000.

The total cost will therefore be approximately $9,000.

“Don’t forget to ask your city if you need a permit,” adds Mr. Gravel. Also inform you about the minimum distances with the lines of your land. »

CAA-Quebec recommends notifying your insurer if you add a terrace to your home.

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Alexandre Gravel, manager in the construction field

Photo provided by Alexandre Gravel

Fiberglass and concrete

However, prices are difficult to estimate for a fiberglass and concrete patio, according to Mr. Lavigne.

“We often talk about more high-end, tailor-made projects that require different preparations from one site to another, especially in the case of concrete,” says Mr. Lavigne.

“In all cases, the price per square foot gives an idea of ​​the budget to plan,” he adds.



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