Visit the 7,253 m² hypermarket that Intermarché is opening in the heart of Paris

Key figures about the store

  • 7253m²
  • 39,000 references
  • 130 full-time equivalent employees (all former Casino employees)
  • Around €35M: 2023 turnover
  • Around €41 million: 2022 turnover
  • €59 million: turnover targeted within 2 or 3 years

Sources: Brand and LSA based on internal Casino data.

It’s a song that the Group is starting to know well. Since October, Intermarché has begun the transformation of the 233 Casino stores it has taken over. New wave this Thursday, May 23 with around thirty stores, like the one at number 13 Place de Vénétie, perpendicular to Boulevard Masséna in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This store is not like the others: it is one of only two hypermarkets in inner Paris (with the Carrefour de la Porte d’Auteuil).

Covering almost 7,300 m², spread over two floors, the store is in a commercial area right in a neighborhood where the majority of the Asian community resides. “A multiple challenge for me, the teams and the Group to revive a store of such a surface area in Paris”, explain Cyril Rauxthe member who took over this Intermarché.

Above, the lower entrance to the store

Breathing new life into traditional departments

A “big cleanup”, according to Cyril Raux, who started on April 30 when he took over the store. He and his 130 full-time employees, some of whom have been present for several years, are putting their hands to work. ““Everything had to be cleaned and sometimes even repaired furniture or equipment that had been left abandoned.” adds the member. It’s been a long time since the fishmonger, for example, has been so lively: 2 employees are busy serving customers with a smile, curious to see this aisle full again. “Many Casino employees had left in recent years upon learning that these departments were going to close. Those who stayed are happy to be able to work with raw materials again!” explains Cyril Raux. A promising department, which could generate traffic like that of the bakery, which is also regaining color after years of closures.

The fish department had been closed by Casino for several years.

inter caterer

The catering department broke down a few days before reopening. Once repaired, Cyril Raux plans to transform it into a sushi section.

As for the rest of the store, “we have not changed the organization or the furniture for the moment. I prefer to proceed step by step while awaiting final authorization from the competition authority before switching to FabMag” (latest Intermarché concept), he adds.

inter vegetables massena

The furniture in the fruit and vegetable section is still Casino furniture for the moment.

inter drinksThe store’s drinks department covers nearly 700m²

Adapt to customers

Store hours:

  • 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday
  • 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Sunday

Right in the 13th district of Paris, this brand new Intermarché will have to live in harmony with a predominantly Asian clientele with very specific eating habits. “For example, we are asked for very large formats for rice packets, sometimes several kilos! We will put this in place very soon”, specifies Cyril Raux. The world products section is also particularly extensive (57 linear meters) covering all regions of the world.

world products

intermarché writing


In the aisles of the store, the shelves are written in two languages: French and Chinese.and this will not change even if we move to FabMag, it is important for our customers that this remains”, he adds.

A clientele there

When the store reopens on May 23, “there were a lot of people at the entrance, no one expected it”, says Cyril Raux, showing a 2-minute long video of this moment where we see continuous streams of customers. “The vast majority of these people then came to create their loyalty card, there was no queue!” adds the member, smiling. Because here, it is a neighborhood clientele, very careful about prices and on the lookout for the slightest promotion. This is also the main mission that Cyril Raux has given himself: to offer the lowest prices, in the heart of Paris and this involves in particular the very large choice (39,000 references in total).

In addition, as in all transformed stores, Casino brand products are discounted at -50% until stocks last and Intermarché has set up welcome offers as soon as the loyalty card is created.

inter casino

On the first floor of the store are the non-food departments, including a parapharmacy (independent, which does not belong to the store), a home department with household linen, kitchen utensils, newspapers, stationery, corners C&A or even a small Claire’s store.

inter floors

clear inter

The challenges ahead

The priority for Cyril Raux is to bring back customers – the store had lost nearly 20,000 visitors between 2022 and 2023 according to internal Casino documents -, but also to increase turnover to almost €60 million in 3 years. A major challenge, knowing that the average basket in this store is €25. Which is low for the average hypermarket. According to Cyril Raux: “We are going to have to increase customer traffic to create more value.” This will also allow Intermarché to increase its market share in the capital.



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