TotalEnergies under fire from critics launches one of the most ambitious renewable energy projects in recent years in Marne

TotalEnergies under fire from critics launches one of the most ambitious renewable energy projects in recent years in Marne
TotalEnergies under fire from critics launches one of the most ambitious renewable energy projects in recent years in Marne

A major turning point in renewable energy in France.

TotalEnergies recently inaugurated its largest wind farm in France, the Vents de la Moivre wind farm, in the presence of Charles de Courson, MP for Marne, and local elected officials. This inauguration marks a key milestone for TotalEnergies, now reaching more than 2 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity in renewable electricity, thus positioning itself among the top three producers of renewable electricity in France.

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The Moivre wind farm

The Vents de la Moivre park, located in the Marne, is made up of 18 wind turbines spread across several municipalities, including St Jean sur Moivre, Dampierre sur Moivre, Francheville, Pogny, Omey, La Chaussée sur Marne and Aulnay l’Aître. With a total capacity of 63 MW, this project is a demonstration of TotalEnergies’ commitment to sustainable development and renewable energies.

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Park Features

Characteristic Detail
Total Capacity 63 MW
Number of Wind Turbines 18
Annual Production 125 GWh
CO2 emissions avoided 6,600 tonnes per year

A major contribution to the energy transition

Since the commissioning of its last tranche, the Vents de la Moivre wind farm has been fully operational and produces 125 GWh of low-carbon electricity annually. This production is equivalent to the electricity consumption, excluding heating, of more than 80,000 inhabitants, or approximately 15% of the population of the Marne department. This wind farm thus contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Commitment to biodiversity and local communities

TotalEnergies makes a point of integrating actions promoting biodiversity and the appropriation of renewable energies by local communities. As part of this project, a fruit tree exchange was set up for the inhabitants of the municipalities involved, thus strengthening links with the territories.

Environmental Initiatives

  • Fruit Tree Exchange : Distribution of fruit trees to residents to promote local biodiversity.
  • Sensitization : Educational programs on renewable energy for local schools.
  • Collaborations : Partnerships with local organizations for environmental projects.

TotalEnergies’ testimony

Marin de Montbel, Managing Director of TotalEnergies Renouvelables France, expressed his pride during the inauguration, emphasizing the importance of continuous dialogue with territorial stakeholders for the success of such projects. “Vents de la Moivre is tangible proof that thanks to continuous dialogue with territorial stakeholders, we can bring a wind project to fruition within a reasonable time frame,” he declared.

Regional and national impact

The Vents de la Moivre wind farm is not an isolated case. TotalEnergies is a major player in the energy transition in the Grand Est and beyond. With nearly 310 MW in operation at 33 sites in the region, the company plays a crucial role in the production of renewable energy.

Network and Infrastructure

Element Detail
Collaborators in the Grand Est 1,100
Gas stations 300
Installed Capacity (Grand Est) 310 MW

TotalEnergies: Leader in renewable energies

TotalEnergies is a key player in the production of electricity from renewable sources in mainland France and overseas, operating in the fields of wind power, photovoltaics and hydroelectricity. In 2023, the company increased its investments in renewables by more than 20%, with nearly 400 million euros directly invested in France.

Investment strategy

  • Increase in Investments : More than 400 million euros in 2023.
  • Project Deployment : More than 620 wind, solar and hydraulic power plants.
  • Focus on Sustainability : Priority to projects with low environmental impact.

The future of renewable energy

With initiatives such as the Vents de la Moivre wind farm, TotalEnergies continues to demonstrate its commitment to more sustainable and accessible energy. The company is determined to continue its efforts to achieve its energy transition objectives and to play a leading role in the fight against climate change.

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This article explores the significant progress made by TotalEnergies with the inauguration of the Vents de la Moivre wind farm. It highlights the impact of this project on renewable electricity production, environmental initiatives and benefits for local communities. To learn more about TotalEnergies’ commitment to sustainability, consult official sources and recent publications.

Source: TotalEnergies



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