Ryanair: he removes the wheels from his suitcase at the airport to avoid paying the baggage surcharge of 70 euros

He became the star of Mallorca airport. Daniel Gálvez, a young man who was preparing to return home to Malaga (Spain) after a few days of vacation on the Balearic island, found a solution to a problem encountered by many passengers traveling with low-cost airlines. cost Sunday May 19.

After noticing that his cabin suitcase did not fit completely into the luggage templates provided by Ryanair at the boarding gate, the flight staff informed him that his suitcase had to be checked in to be put in the hold… After paying the sum of 70 euros. If he was able to travel with his suitcase in the cabin on the way out, the Ryanair staff present at Majorca airport did not want to know anything.

Not wanting to pay this amount, Daniel found a radical solution to reduce the size of his suitcase and ensure that it fits into the metal template: tear off the wheels. A scene filmed by one of his friends who shared the scene on social networks, which has since accumulated millions of views.

In it, we see Daniel using force, helped by his friends, to tear off the four wheels of his luggage. Applauded by all the passengers present at the airport boarding gate, he then manages to insert his suitcase into the template under the amused eyes of the other passengers, as well as the staff who cannot help but laugh at the face. to this funny situation. Defeated, the staff of the Irish company had no choice but to let the young Andalusian pass through the boarding gate with his suitcase without wheels.

“Ten or fifteen minutes” to tear off the wheels

“I had the suitcase for three or four years and it cost me around 30 or 40 euros,” the young man tells the Spanish media Diario Sur, as if to show that his suitcase was profitable. In total, it took them “ten or fifteen minutes” to remove the wheels, especially after receiving some advice from other passengers on how to properly remove the wheels.

Since the publication of the video on social networks, Daniel Gálvez indicates that he continues to receive messages about his action. If he receives some criticism, “the majority is rather positive, coming from people who understand what we have done. »

If the young Andalusian indicates that he had already put on several layers of clothing in the past to lighten his suitcase and not pay extra, he assures that this is the first time that he has made such a radical decision. From now on, all he has to do is buy a new suitcase, ensuring its dimensions.



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