Toulouse is an AI-Cluster of France: its vision of artificial intelligence is unique

Toulouse is an AI-Cluster of France: its vision of artificial intelligence is unique
Toulouse is an AI-Cluster of France: its vision of artificial intelligence is unique


Maréva Laville

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May 22, 2024 at 7:34 p.m.

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Artificial intelligence is a strategic priority for France,” declared the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, while the Élysée brought together AI talents on Tuesday May 21, 2024. On the table: nearly 2.5 billion euros of budget devoted in particular to nine “AI Clusters in France”.

Among them, Toulouse. The Toulouse project of the Aniti Institute (Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute), supported by the University of Toulouse, has just obtained its labeling. The approximately 200 researchers from the Institute created in 2018 are therefore officially part of the French centers of research and training in artificial intelligence.

360 million euros for Toulouse and its very special AI

As a reward, the Aniti Institute will benefit from 360 million euros in funding from France 2030, the plan aimed at strengthening these clusters, over five years. Ideal for continuing the work of experts, who work for a Powerful AI and especially : ” of confidence “.

“The aim is to ensure that the decisions made by AI systems are explainable, fair, reliable and robust, to enable their use, particularly in high-risk sectors such as transport, the industry of the future and environment,” explains the Institute.

A hub that links the Pink City

The people of Toulouse also want to be ambitious and are giving themselves the means to do so. The Toulouse AI Cluster Aniti brings together 16 research laboratories, seven universities and engineering schoolsand more than 30 industrial partners.

All this by collaborating with theSaint Exupéry Technological Research Institutedigital clusters and competitiveness poles.

An ambition focused on the climate

Objective ? Extend its field of application, already active in transport and robotics/cobotics, to the environment.

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ANITI wishes using trusted AI in climate prediction and the management of extreme events, “and thus strengthen Toulouse’s leadership in this sector”.

A master’s degree to train in artificial intelligence

However, the Pink City is not behind in this area. The Institute has already made it possible to double the number of people trained in AI between 2019 and 2023.

But with this IA-Cluster project, it will also integrate the creation of a International Master in AI, with academic partnerships and research collaborations in Asia, the United States and South America.

Every year, the cluster hopes train 450 specialists additional cutting-edge AI technologies. Proof of its potential.

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