Flyer fight: local products are arriving in abundance this week

Flyer fight: local products are arriving in abundance this week
Flyer fight: local products are arriving in abundance this week

With the long weekend, many had to invite guests to eat to enjoy the good weather and the outdoors. The show “On Your Business” helps you stock your fridge and pantry with the founder of the app Glutton Jean-François Bérubé and host Simon Philibert.

With the nice weather and spring production in full swing, several local products are arriving in abundance and “it’s very interesting.”

The discounts for the lobster season are also ending.

“They are still in grocery stores, but we are talking about the market price, so it can vary greatly depending on the location,” explains Jean-François Bérubé in the “Le combat des circulars” segment.

The grocery store winning the round this week is Super C, which wins by a small margin with scores shared with Maxi, Metro and IGA which are not far behind.

Tables of the week



Canadian asparagus is $2.44 per pound at Maxi. Similar discounts can be found pretty much everywhere except Walmart.

When we say asparagus from Canada, it’s because Ontario produces 80% of asparagus in Canada and Quebec only produces 20%. Some banners can Source their supplies externally to ensure they have stock.

“Tomatoes, for me, consumption increases in summer!” exclaimed host Simon Philibert.

Several options are below $1 per pound this week: 88 cents per pound at Super C and 99 cents per pound at IGA. “Below 1 dollar, it’s really excellent,” explained Mr. Bérubé.

Another discount that is likely to make many people happy is red and green lettuce on sale for 99 cents at Metro. “A super nice local option for this time of year, and for this type of lettuce, we can even talk about the best price of the year so far. If it goes down in the next few weeks, it’s just a little.”

The cherry discount continues this week at Maxi and Super C.

The spring harvest would have been good this year. “It’s still a drop based on what we were talking about on the show last week, but it doesn’t beat those we had in July and August, a particularly interesting period for the price.”

The cost of cherries is likely to come down later in the summer.



Frozen fruits are $4.99 at IGA. “I find that to be an extraordinary boon. We often see frozen fruits, but they are local fruits like haskap, strawberries or blueberries from Quebec. Quality at a great price.”

And this discount will allow you to wait for fresh berries during the summer period.

Eggs at IGA are $2.49. “We often talk about scarcity on the show, but this is a good example. You can’t really see eggs lower than that these days. Only once a month for the six biggest banners combined.”

“With its scarcity effect, it’s the bargain of the week, absolutely.”

Instant coffee for $2.97 at Walmart is a bargain we see once or twice a month. The other option is instant coffee for $2.99 ​​at Maxi.

Another great deal: butter at $4.88. Another rarity on the butter side. “The last time we were cheaper was in October 2023, so take advantage of this deal if you need butter, stock up.”



For the barbecue, Maxi offers chicken medallions on sale at $7.95 per box.

“There is a wider variety, but they are all unbreaded, BBQ-ready, ready-to-use products. An all-purpose solution for the start of summer.”

We complete lunch with bacon for $3.99 at IGA and Super C. “With two options, we save transportation if it’s a product that interests us.”

For fish lovers, there are frozen trout fillets at Metro.

Discounts have been common on trout and salmon for several weeks, but not really down to $8.99 per pound. This offer stands out!

Last but not least, Brome Lake confit duck legs in a 330 gram format offered to members at IGA for $12.99.

“We pay for ourselves a little with that because it remains expensive despite everything. But at regular price it’s $20 to $23 depending on location, and we haven’t seen this price since August 2023 and not lower since September 2021. A superb bargain to get pleasure.”

It’s worth it?

Mikes sauce jars for $3.99 at Super C

“We have only seen it go down once in the last 6 months. Great deal.”

Clubhouse spices for $4.99 at Super C

“No need to put pressure on yourself. This price remains quite common.”

Black plums at $1.99 per pound at Maxi

“We are close to the lowest price of the year so far at $1.88 per pound.”

Radish leaves for $0.99 at IGA and Metro

Do we add radishes to our salad? “Yes. On the other hand, discounts are not very rare for this product, but it ends, so take advantage of them.”

Frozen meals at $3.77

“We regularly see them at $3.99, but at this price, it remains the best offer since February.”

Lamb shoulder chops for $5.99 per pound at Provigo

Is it worth the detour? “It’s a cut that you very rarely see in circulars, but it’s the best price since November 2023. Great deal to try it.”



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