5 notable details about the Tesla Cybertruck

5 notable details about the Tesla Cybertruck
5 notable details about the Tesla Cybertruck

Visible for the first time in France, Tesla’s Cybertruck impresses. XXL dimensions, giant screens and “wireless” steering wheel, bullet resistance, range extender, absence of Tesla logo… here’s what struck us about this model from another world.

It’s hard to miss it in Hall 2 of the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris. The Cybertruck occupies a good place on the Tesla stand, enough to attract the attention of curious people, connoisseurs of the American brand or simply attracted by this very atypical vehicle.

While deliveries started at the end of 2023, this vehicle, not intended for Europe at the moment, is being toured on the Old Continent. We were able to discover it at the opening of the show this Wednesday, May 22. Here are the 5 details that stood out to us.

Size XXL

Its very original design is inspired by science fiction, with the name “cybertruck” which directly refers to “cyberpunk”, a dystopian world or the future not necessarily idealized in many literary works, but also from cinema to video games .

The Cybertruck has impressive dimensions. -SB

Beyond this explosive look, we are facing an enormous vehicle. A length of 5.69 meters (this remains 20 centimeters less than the concept) and a width of 2.4 meters. Height level, between 1.78 and 1.90 meters depending on the setting of the adaptive suspensions.

Weight side: around 3 tonnes (it varies depending on the 2 or 3 engine versions). Enough to make it compatible with a simple French car license. However, this size and doubts about the safety of pedestrians in the event of an impact make its marketing in Europe unlikely for the moment. Priority to the United States for the moment, which remains a huge market for pick-ups.

Essential point in a pick-up, the bed. It offers a capacity of 1800 liters. And the mechanical shutter that covers it can itself support 130 kilos more.

Giant screens and “wireless” steering wheel

Inside, we of course find the very refined style of the Tesla, but still in an XXL version.

The interior of the Cybertruck – BFM Business

No meter screen, but an 18.5-inch touch screen, a new record at Tesla. This is indeed larger than in the Model S and X (17 inches) and Model 3 and Model Y (15 inches).

The steering wheel is very small in this immense cabin. It also hides another innovation, “steer by wire” steering. Electronic steering without any mechanical connection with the wheels, like on the Lexus RZ that we tested in an advanced prototype.

The Cybertruck also has 4-wheel steering, another first for Tesla, which makes the vehicle more agile.

Inside the Tesla Cybertruck. -J.B.

At the back, we also find a “small” 9-inch screen. A little more than in the “improved” Model 3 (the restyled version launched last year) or in the Model S, Model X duo.

Bullet resistance, unbreakable windows

We have of course not tested it… but Tesla presents its Cybertruck as “bulletproof”, resistant to bullets. And equipped with unbreakable windows.

Tesla specifies that the Cybertruck can thus resist 9 and 45 mm caliber bullets, as well as 12 caliber shotguns.

A “bullet proof” body promises Tesla. – You’re here

This particularity, a little surprising when we are talking about automobiles, also illustrates a certain change in Elon Musk’s style in recent years. Tesla moved its headquarters from California to Texas at the end of 2021 and the priority no longer really seems to be saving the planet, but rather to resist the apocalypse Mad Max style and in the totally cyberpunk spirit. A change of direction for the brand which echoes the billionaire’s regularly controversial comments, particularly on subjects far removed from automobiles.

An innovative range extender

We didn’t have the opportunity to discover it at the show, but the Cybertruck is the first Tesla model to have “upgradable” autonomy.

The skip offers a capacity of 1,800 liters. -J.B.

It is in fact possible to add an additional 50 kWh battery pack to gain almost 200 km of additional range. Enough to go from 500 to 700 kilometers on the most powerful Cyberbeast version, and from 550 to 750 kilometers on the two-engine version.

This additional pack can be installed directly at the bottom of the Cybertruck bed.

No Tesla logo

Interesting detail, there is no Tesla logo on this model. Outside and inside, with a specific logo on the steering wheel.

At the front, and even everywhere, there is no Tesla logo on the Cybertruck. -J.B.

The Cybertruck would thus stand out almost as a separate model in the range. Enough to differentiate itself from more “classic” vehicles and a reflection of the ambitions of the American brand in other areas of mobility, also with the Semi for electric heavy goods vehicles, and even beyond with humanoid robots, including a copy is also present on the stand.

Julien Bonnet, with Pauline Ducamp

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