Discover the startups and scaleups of the new French Tech Next 40/120 class

Discover the startups and scaleups of the new French Tech Next 40/120 class
Discover the startups and scaleups of the new French Tech Next 40/120 class

The ecosystem is evolving, and so is the Next40/120. A third of the companies in this new promotion are already profitable, excluding deeptechs. Nearly 50% have already bought a company and nearly 90% are present internationally. The 120 will have, for the year 2023, more than ten billion euros in turnover and represent 40,000 direct jobs, 70% of which are in France.

Eleven companies are joining the Next40. Among them, unsurprisingly, Mistral AI, sixth in the fundraising rankings with 500 million euros raised. Among the new selection criteria, there are in particular the cumulative amounts raised since 2021. On the podium of companies having carried out the largest fundraising, we find Verkor in first place, with a cumulative amount of 1.2 billion. Contentsquare is second with 820 million euros and in third, Back Market with 770 million euros.

Greentech, the most represented sector

We observe in particular the very good results of Greentech startups (…) which we naturally find in strength», Declares Marina Ferrari, Secretary of State for Digital. This is the most represented sector of this French Tech Next 40/120. Among the entrants to the Next 40, we find Eqwateur or Ilek, two suppliers of green energy, or even Qair, producer of renewable energies.

Malt is making its return to the Next40 ranking after the scaleup left it last year, after integration in 2022. “It is about entering a new phase for French Tech. A season of reasoned hypergrowth», comments Alexandre Fretti, CEO of Malt.

Pennylane, Weezevent, Addguests, Chapsvision, or Equativ and Mistertemp’Group are also making their debut. Among the selected ones already present last year, we can cite PayFit, Ledger, Doctolib, Pigment, Ankorstore, Sorare… In this promotion of 120, 16% are industrial companies and nearly 23% deeptechs.

A reassuring Next 40/120 on the future of French Tech

Another particularity highlighted in this selection: eleven companies are self-financed or have raised less than 10 million euros since their creation. Among them, MYM or Libon. These eleven startups all exceed 40 million euros in annual revenue.

The Class of 2024 is once again raising the bar. The winning companies strengthen their strength and attack new markets ever faster and stronger, in France and abroad.», congratulates Clara Chappaz, director of the French Tech mission. Of the 10.4 billion euros in cumulative turnover of all the companies in the promotion, 3.7 billion are generated abroad, or more than a third.

Moreover, this total turnover is up almost 33% compared to last year. The number of direct jobs is also increasing, from nearly 37,000 to 40,000. 100% of the companies in this promotion have carried out a carbon assessment. Reasoned growth, profitability, Greentech and Deeptech, global companies… The French Tech Next 40/120 sets the perfect example for the entire ecosystem and strengthens the place of innovation and French tech internationally. The only downside: out of the 120 companies, only 18 are managed or founded by women, only one is part of the Next40.



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