United States: The thief of his vehicle leaves prison to help him get started

Financially hard pressed, Olive Teague had decided to live temporarily in a camper van, while she launched her mermaiding school (Editor’s note: aquatic activities with a fish tail). This shows the distress the young woman found herself in when, one day in December 2023, the vehicle she considered her home was stolen. A good part of the personal effects and professional equipment of the American from Aberdeen (Washington) had vanished with the camper van, we can read on GoFundMe.

After 158 days of anguish, Olive’s vehicle was finally found. But when she was finally able to get back behind the wheel on May 14, it was impossible to start. “My friend and the police officer who intervened tried for a good quarter of an hour (…). Finally, I heard the agent say: I know a guy at the station who knows how to do it very well,” Olive says on GoFundMe. The young woman then expected to see another officer with mechanical skills arrive.

She was not surprised when she found herself face to face with an individual in an orange jumpsuit. “It was the man who stole my vehicle,” she exclaims in capital letters. A video that went viral on TikTok actually shows the inmate explaining to Olive’s friend how to start the camper. The American says she did not feel very comfortable when she saw the individual handling a screwdriver near her girlfriend’s face, but she admits that the suspect was very enthusiastic about helping her. She said she filmed the scene to keep a memory of it, but also “in case proof was needed”.

According to “People”, squatters lived for several months in Olive’s camper van, which was severely damaged. “During the cleanup, we discovered drugs, firearms, stolen jewelry, bicycle parts, hunting weapons, a raccoon trap and many other unspeakable things,” describes the owner of the camping car. Olive now hopes to raise funds to repair her vehicle and replace lost equipment.

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