Sage and DonorPerfect Team Up to Deliver a New Comprehensive Fundraising Solution to Help Nonprofits Save Time and Deepen Impact

Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect streamlines fundraising operations for nonprofits, freeing them time to focus on the impact of their mission

TORONTO, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wisethe global leader in accounting, finance, HR and payroll technologies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), today announces its partnership with DonorPerfect, a leading provider of fundraising software trusted by more than 50,000 nonprofit professionals. This collaboration allows nonprofits to streamline their fundraising operations and deepen relationships with their donors, so they can focus more on the impact of their mission.

Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect is a comprehensive, cloud-first solution that addresses one of the biggest internal challenges facing nonprofits: a lack of process automation and organizational efficiency1. By providing a continuous fundraising data feed with financial data, it promotes clear and transparent documentation of donations. This is, in fact, an important factor in building trust and maintaining long-term relationships with donors.

“Nonprofits have long relied on Sage Intacct to meet their fund accounting needs,” said Dan Miller, Executive Vice President, Financial Services and ERP at Sage. “We recognized a growing demand for a solution that enables full campaign management; from fundraising to donor management, then from financial tracking to reporting. By partnering with DonorPerfect, we can address this important need for nonprofit customers and provide a unified platform for nonprofit financial management and fundraising. »

Streamlined workflows give nonprofits valuable time back to focus on their mission

“Nonprofit organizations today face an ever-changing environment, and maximizing efficiency is more important than ever,” says Jacqueline M. Tiso, Founder and CEO, JMT Consulting. “Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect offers an unparalleled solution to our clients. It streamlines operations, improves financial transparency, and ultimately frees up resources so they can focus on their core mission.”

Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect provides numerous benefits to nonprofit clients to enable them to:

  • Develop relationships: Personalized communications and targeted awareness campaigns build stronger relationships with donors, reducing staff turnover.
  • Maximize impact: Data-robust, relevant financial insights drive strategic decision-making to optimize campaigns and maximize fundraising impact.
  • Boost productivity: Automated donation forms and workflows free up valuable time so staff can focus on donor engagement.

“We are proud to team up with Sage to help nonprofits modernize the way they do fundraising,” said Lauren Sheehan, President, DonorPerfec. “Together, we will equip them with the tools they need to take advantage of new levels of growth and efficiency in fundraising, so they can spend more time on what matters most: carry out their mission.

Find out more about Sage Intacct Fundraising powered by DonorPerfect, here.

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About Sage
Sage’s goal is to remove barriers so that the millions of small and medium-sized businesses we serve, along with our partners and accountants, can thrive. Additionally, customers trust our financial management, HR and Payroll software to generate revenue. By digitizing business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, banks and governments, our digital network easily connects to SMEs, removing disputes and providing relevant financial information. Removing barriers allows us to use our technology, experience and time to fight digital inequality, economic inequality and climate change.

About DonorPerfect
DonorPerfect Fundraising Software offers tools, features, and best practices that enable fundraisers to acquire and retain donors, simplify their daily workflows, and grow the community that supports their cause. DonorPerfect helps organizations easily adopt today’s most robust fundraising strategies from intelligent dashboards that transform data into insightful insights into comprehensive donor profiles ready to be grouped and sorted according to their shared characteristics.

Helping 50,000 nonprofit professionals raise more than $100 billion, our fundraising success platform delivers innovative, affordable solutions for today’s ever-changing fundraising environment. Join our community of changemakers today.

1 Sage, 2024 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey



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