Dyson is losing €200 on its most ambitious vacuum cleaner, the Gen5 Detect Absolut

Dyson is losing €200 on its most ambitious vacuum cleaner, the Gen5 Detect Absolut
Dyson is losing €200 on its most ambitious vacuum cleaner, the Gen5 Detect Absolut

The Gen5 Detect Absolut is able to efficiently vacuum up everything from dust to viruses, analyze what you vacuum up and even detect hidden dust. If this Dyson device catches your eye, its price is reduced by 200 euros on the manufacturer’s website.

Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolut // Source: frandroid.com

Stick vacuum cleaners are the favorite domain of the British manufacturer Dyson. Among its references, the Gen5 Detect Absolut represents the top of the range, and for good reason, it combines cutting-edge technologies, while offering a practical and easy-to-use format. If you have to pay 1,000 euros to benefit from it, at the moment, the brand is softening its price thanks to a discount of 200 euros.

What we like about the Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolut

  • Its ergonomics and comfort of use
  • Its suction power
  • Its particle detection technology and green laser

Available upon release for 999 euros, the Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolut is currently on sale for 799 euros on the manufacturer’s website.

A quality vacuum cleaner broom

Faithful to the brand’s DNA, the Gen5 Detect Absolut is attractive in its look and in its manufacturing quality. This product is well thought out, Dyson has also replaced the trigger with a simple red button above the screen, to avoid having to keep it engaged, which rests the hand. This isn’t any worse, since the machine is quite heavy (3.55 kg) and is even heavier than the majority of its competitors. In standard use on the ground, its weight is barely felt, but this is not the case at height.

Concerning maintenance, it is simple and effective: to empty the dust container, simply press the red trigger and pull at the same time. It comes with several suction heads, and can therefore be adapted to all types of floors. It also incorporates the famous Optic Fluffy with its green laser which detects invisible particles and which covers twice as much surface area as before. It goes even further and can analyze dust particles, telling you about the nature of what you’re vacuuming up, including the size of allergens and viruses.

A monster of power

The real strong point of this vacuum cleaner is its suction power. It features a Dyson Hyperdymium digital motor, capable of reaching 125,000 revolutions per minute. Combined with cyclonic technology, it generates a suction power of 230 AW. It is thus capable of sucking up very fine particles, including bacteria and viruses with a size of 0.1 microns, or 700 times smaller than the diameter of a hair.

Equipped with an LCD screen, it gives information on the power mode, but also the number and types of particles sucked up as well as the remaining autonomy. Speaking of which, the Gen5 Detect Absolut can run for 70 minutes with Eco mode. With Auto mode, the autonomy drops to between 40 and 44 minutes, while Boost mode depletes the battery in 12 to 15 minutes, or even less on certain carpets or very thick rugs.

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