VelyVelo voted startup of the year

VelyVelo voted startup of the year
VelyVelo voted startup of the year

VelyVelo, the Franco-Moroccan start-up specializing in sustainable urban mobility, was recently crowned “Startup of the Year” at the Moroccan Logistics Awards (MLA 2024). This prestigious distinction rewards their innovative last mile delivery solution in Casablanca. Well-deserved recognition for a company that is redefining urban logistics.

The Moroccan Logistics Awards

The Moroccan Logistics Awards, organized byMoroccan Logistics Development Agency in partnership with the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises, celebrate each year the best supply chain initiatives in Morocco. These trophies highlight efficiency, innovation and sustainability in the logistics sector. VelyVelo has established itself as a leader thanks to its ecological and innovative solutions.



Establishment in Morocco

In 2022, VelyVelo was already a French leader in electric bike rental for professionals. The company was established in Casablanca under the name Picaleev. This launch marks the complete integration of the company’s value chain. This positions VelyVelo as pioneer of cyclo-logistics in Morocco.

This bold strategy aims to transform last mile distribution with sustainable and efficient solutions.

An innovative vision

Asmaa Chakir Alaoui, co-founder and CEO of VelyVelo, expresses her pride: “VelyVelo is proud to have been recognized by the MLA as the best startup of the year 2024. Winning this award constitutes for us a testimony of innovation and our commitment to the decarbonization of Moroccan logistics. We thank all of our partners, supporters and investors for their continued support in this entrepreneurial adventure. »

VelyVelo Moroccan Logistics Awards

A leader in cyclo-logistics

Founded in 2017, VelyVelo quickly established itself as a key player in urban cycling logistics. The founders, through a deep understanding of the market, have positioned the company to meet current and future challenges. VelyVelo promotes a sustainable future using commercial vehicles traveling thousands of kilometers without carbon emissions.

Impressive performance

VelyVelo vehicles traveled more than 2,170,000 kilometers in France. They have contributed to the delivery of millions of packages in a carbon-free manner. This performance demonstrates the effectiveness and durability of their solutions. Every year, VelyVelo continues to expand its positive impact on urban logistics.

Substantial fundraising

Last April, VelyVelo announced a substantial fundraising of 6 million euros for 2024, with the potential to increase to 13 million euros by 2026. These funds will allow VelyVelo to continue to innovate and expand its operations. As a result, this fundraising consolidates their leading position in the cycle logistics sector.

VelyVelo Moroccan Logistics Awards

The recognition of VelyVelo at the Moroccan Logistics Awards 2024 highlights the importance of innovation and sustainability in the logistics sector. VelyVelo, with its cycle logistics solutions, is leading the way towards a greener and more efficient future. Their success inspires other companies to embrace sustainable practices and continually innovate. France and Morocco can be proud to host such a technological nugget, ready to transform urban mobility sustainably.

Article based on a press release received by the editorial staff.

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