Satoshi Nakamoto receives $7,000 in BTC by mistake

Satoshi Nakamoto receives $7,000 in BTC by mistake
Satoshi Nakamoto receives $7,000 in BTC by mistake

According to the on-chain analysis platform Arkham Intelligence, the user was initially trying to exchange Ordinal for PUPS, a BRC-20 meme coin based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin User Error Sparks Community Speculation

Unfortunately, the user mistakenly entered Satoshi Nakamoto’s address instead of the originally intended address. He sent more than $7,000 worth of BTC to an address that had been inactive for years.

This accidental transfer naturally reignited speculation about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and the fate of the bitcoins stored at his address. The associated address indeed contains a massive amount of BTC.

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A Bitcoin user accidentally sent ~$7,000 in BTC to Satoshi’s address. Source: Arkham Intelligence

Data from Arkham Intelligence reveals that the wallet now has a balance of 100,424 BTC, worth $6.72 million at the current price of the asset. This address has not made any movement since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. At present, there is therefore no indication that the BTC sent during this incident are still accessible or in movement.

Faced with this blunder, the crypto community reacted with a mixture of sympathy and surprise. Some feel sorry for the user who has lost a considerable amount of money with no possibility of recovery. On the other hand, others hypothesize that this curious movement has a direct link with the creator of Bitcoin.

“What if it wasn’t a mistake? What if it was someone who did business with the real Satoshi? Or maybe it’s even him,” speculated one member of the crypto community.

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Despite this speculation, however, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of carefully verifying the details of one’s transactions, especially in the crypto space, where a single mistake can have irreversible consequences. Crypto users should therefore always double-check addresses and understand the process before transferring funds.

Moral of the story: In crypto, you have no room for error.


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