Peugeot E-3008 test: up to 700km of autonomy, but can it dethrone the Tesla Model Y?

Fresh from the Peugeot factory in Sochaux, in the north of France, the all-new Peugeot E-3008 sports a revamped design and a completely new design. It claims a range of up to 700 km, while attracting attention with its more aggressive style. But is it really worth its price?

Peugeot hits hard with the look of its new electric SUV. What immediately stands out is its “fastback” look: a dramatically sloping roofline, accompanied by a steeply raked rear window, devoid of a windshield wiper. However, it should be noted that this is a “fastback” and not an SUV coupe. Indeed, according to Peugeot, this last name refers to a roofline which lowers from the middle of the vehicle, which could impact the habitability at the rear.

Peugeot equips its SUV with a “cat ears” spoiler and triple rear lights, integrated into a wide black band. This element, which has become recurring for the lion brand, is also found for the first time on the front of the vehicle.

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The front, with its rounded but aggressive nose and its very thin optical units, denotes a certain overload due to the presence of too many elements. In our opinion, the grille has a lot to do with it, being too complex and too imposing due to the body color applied to it. On the other hand, the rear, massive and straight, contrasts with the more dynamic front.

A neat interior

As soon as we sit in the comfortable Alcantara seats (standard on the GT finish), we are enveloped in a very “cocooning” and refined atmosphere specific to the E-3008. The use of gray fabrics makes the interior more welcoming, similar to a living room (if you prefer fabric sofas rather than leather, of course).

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A long LED strip, discreet because it is hidden, illuminates the cockpit with a pleasant, non-direct light. Indeed, it is reflected on the aluminum panels. However, the reflection of LEDs in the windshield can be somewhat distracting after sunset.

The driver is greeted by a stunning 21-inch curved screen. It is made up of a single panel, so it is a single long screen and not two screens placed next to each other like BMW or Mercedes for example. With a mount on the back of the screen, it gives the illusion of floating. This is a very successful new feature and we salute Peugeot’s desire to continually improve and innovate its interior. Unfortunately, the I-Cockpit, with its instrument cluster (the left part of the screen) in height and the small steering wheel which is placed below, will not only make people happy: when you sit in a normal way , the steering wheel will hide part of the information on the screen. If you are used to sitting tall and upright, you should have less trouble.

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Not too disturbing, but weird enough to notice: the armrests are really not practical. They lean excessively forward and do not provide a handle for support. Peugeot seems to have opted for aesthetics over functionality.
On the steering wheel, there are capacitive buttons with no real separation between them, which is a shame; real individual buttons, as is the case on the 308, are more appreciable.

Pleasant and safe on the road

On the road we can enjoy very pleasant steering, the steering wheel is strongly assisted and turns effortlessly while being quite precise. Its small diameter works in its favor in terms of agility while its thickness and the presence of notches allow the hands to fit well into the imitation leather covering.

Responsiveness is there thanks to the 210 horsepower electric motor. Unlike many rivals, Peugeot opts for traction (front-wheel drive). Indeed, the chassis is common with the hybrid and thermal model. Currently, no model from the lion brand is offered exclusively in electric.

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That said, power is perfectly adequate in the base version tested. 0-100 km/h is achieved in around 8 seconds. Road handling is good despite the vehicle’s 2.1 tonnes. The car holds the road well when we push the SUV with more dynamic driving on winding roads. The seats hold our body effectively when cornering and are very pleasant. Even on more than two hours of driving, we did not feel any fatigue or back pain. So much the better. Hoping the standard cloth seats on the Allure trim are as good.

We did not notice any problems with soundproofing or excessive rolling noise. These aspects are under control. The basic sound system is of good quality without being exceptional; the volume fills the cabin well but lacks body when pushed to the maximum.


We weren’t able to test the car thoroughly enough to include a range test but it seemed good although short of the advertised WLTP number of 522km. Too bad for the aerodynamics (cx = 0.29) quite far from the Tesla Model Y (cx = 0.23). It is possible that this situation will improve when Stellantis offers exclusively electric models.

Tough competition and high prices

Let’s be clear, the E-3008 is not cheap. Peugeot offers two finishes for its SUV: the Allure version at €49,735, already very well equipped, and the GT version at €54,735. It’s expensive. Very expensive. In comparison, the Renault Scenic E-Tech is available from €39,990 with, admittedly, less autonomy: 430 WLTP kilometers compared to 530 for the E-3008. The concern for the lion brand is that the Scenic long-range version in Techno finish (625 km WLTP and 220 horsepower) remains cheaper (€46,950).

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Compared to the Tesla Model Y (€43,970 for 455 km WLTP), the undisputed leader in the segment, the E-3008 offers superior interior quality but less space. The Model Y also seems more efficient and remains in the lead thanks to its more effective infotainment system (fluidity, ease of charging, simplicity), although it is ahead in terms of ergonomics of driver controls (air conditioning, windshield wipers). , etc.). The long-range version with two motors (€50,970) also offers significantly better performance at a similar price.

Peugeot therefore offers a vehicle with a very attractive design with an interior of excellent quality but whose bill is a little too steep… The more pragmatic among you will probably look elsewhere.

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