CAF allocations blocked because of this famous online bank

Beneficiaries have not received their benefits because of a problem with their bank! Here’s what you need to know.

This month, many welfare recipients have not could not receive their benefits. The problem ? A problem linked to their bank! Here’s what you need to know.

Blocked allocations

In France, many people have opted for online banks. Often cheaper and more practical than traditional banks.

Among the most popular online banks is PCS. This has managed to conquer the hearts of the French thanks to its attractive prices. In addition, it is very easy to use.

However, this online bank seems to be going through a difficult phase. Recently, customers who are used to receiving their allowances in their PCS account were deprived of their aid.

This situation has already been going on for several weeks. And these late payments are not without consequences. In fact, beneficiaries who cannot receive their benefits find themselves in a very complicated financial situation.

They simply no longer have the money to meet their daily needs. Even for shopping! “ I’ve had three cents left in my account for almost two weeks. To go shopping with three cents, it’s just not possible. I couldn’t live, I couldn’t survive, quite simply. explains Nicolas, who earns 450 euros per month at BFM TV.

Like him, many of them have been deprived of their benefits. But what happened? Why are PCS transfers no longer going through? Here’s what you need to know.

The bank’s response

Several PCS bank customers have therefore been deprived of their benefits for weeks. This is really problematic because welfare recipients rely on this financial support to live.

The online bank first gave explanations to BFM TV. “I can’t tell you if it’s a bug with us. We ask customers for certificates that the transfers were made, after which we carry out investigations” explains an employee to the French media.

According to the online bank, payments remain blocked because of the service provider issuer of the bank which terminated its activity. “ Since January 17, 2024, our electronic money issuer PCSIL (PFS Card Services Ireland Limited) has been subject to a voluntary dissolution procedure in Ireland under the control of two agents of the company Interpath. explains the bank on its website.

This situation is likely to last a little longer. Indeed, online banking is looking for solutions to unblock all of this. But for the moment, beneficiaries are still not receiving their benefits.

However, the PCS online bank aims to be reassuring. “Your funds remain protected and secure: you have problem-free access to them for all your transactions” she specifies.

Affected customers must therefore show patience. Indeed, at the moment, the bank does not offer an immediate solution to their problem.

One thing is certain, they risk losing confidence in their online banking. Especially for people who receive benefits and find themselves without money because of this problem.

This inconvenience risks having serious consequences on their lives. Indeed, some social assistance recipients could find themselves in precarious situations because of their online banking. A case to be followed very closely.



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