A major project will help reposition the livestock industry

>> Tây Ninh welcomes a wave of high-tech agricultural investments

>> Accelerate commercial development in the border areas of Tây Ninh

>> Pham Minh Chinh chairs meeting on development of Southeast region

>> PM urges Tây Ninh to continue on the path of rapid and sustainable growth

This is information shared by Gabor Fluit, global general manager of the De Heus group (Netherlands), during a recent press conference on the announcement of an animal epidemic free zone in the province of Tây Ninh and a series of events planned for May 19.

Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tây Ninh Province, Trân Văn Chiên, speaks at the press conference.

Large-scale event series

In addition to the announcement ceremony of the epizootic free zone of Tây Ninh province, the organizing committee also disclosed more information on the series of organized activities scheduled for May 19, including: inauguration ceremony of the DHN high-tech breeding zone, the presentation of seven key investment projects in the agricultural sector for the period 2025-2030 and the unveiling of the Halal Poultry Products Export Plan.

The president of the Hùng Nhon group, Vu Manh Hùng.

According to Vu Manh Hùng, Chairman of Hùng Nhon Group, this is an extremely special event. The announcement ceremony of 7 investment projects in the agricultural sector for the period 2025-2030, with a total value of 2.5 trillion VND, will welcome around 1,000 delegates and guests. This can be considered the most important series of international events ever seen in the agricultural sector in Tay Ninh and the Southeast region.

According to the organizing committee, the events will see the participation of representatives of embassies and consulates general from several countries: Australia, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia. There will also be representatives of organizations such as EuroCham, AmCham, AusCham, KoCham, FAO, JICA, JETRO, WB, USAID, ADB, EIB and large companies from Muslim countries.

Shaping the livestock industry

Speaking at the press conference, Nguyên Van Long, head of the Veterinary Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), stressed the importance of preserving areas free from epizootics for the agricultural sector, particularly for breeding. Indeed, for the export of products of animal origin, the World Organization for Animal Health (OME) requires compliance with regulations and criteria relating to areas free from epizootics.

The CEO of De Heus Asia and President of EuroCham, Gabor Fluit (1er left), shared the Netherlands’ experience in creating disease-free zones.

At the press conference, Gabor Fluit, CEO of De Heus Asia and President of EuroCham, shared the Netherlands’ experience in creating disease-free zones. He stated : “If we succeed in creating the animal disease-free zone, Vietnam will be able to export pork to Japan and Korea and chicken breast to Europe. Currently, the value of European chicken breast is 2-3 times higher than in Vietnam.”

Tran Van Chien, vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Tay Ninh province, said the construction of facilities and areas free of animal diseases is important in implementing the livestock development strategy. Therefore, Tay Ninh agricultural industry will reorganize production stages, promote the construction of animal disease-free breeding areas, and encourage enterprises to invest in the construction of advanced livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, diversify consumer markets and to form numerous high-tech breeding and slaughter chains.

Director of the Veterinary Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Nguyên Van Long, congratulates Tây Ninh’s efforts in developing areas free from epizootics.

Alongside the main series of events, the signing ceremony of 2 memoranda of cooperation between Tây Ninh, Hùng Nhon group, De Heus group and their partners will take place, in the following sectors: investigation and investment in the construction of a modern, high-tech hatchery, construction of high-tech duck and butchery farms, implementation of a cooperation plan, construction and development of links in the production and supply chains for poultry products that meet standards Halal for export to international markets and Muslim countries.

DHN Charitable Fund

According to Mr. Hùng, the series of events organized for May 19 constitutes the first “dynamic stage” of the new cooperation strategy between Hung Nhon and De Heus, two “leading” companies whose members will build a chain whose links will include: DHN, Bel Ga, Green Chicken, Visakan, Big Duchtman and Bio Agritech HN.

This is also a direction that multinationals are pursuing, namely the +farm to table+ model. This model is expected to reach billions of USD in revenue by 2030.”said Mr. Hùng.

During the press conference, representatives of De Heus and Hùng Nhon also provided information on the DHN Charitable Fund which will have a scale of 30 billion VND with the mission of improving the lives of farmers in difficult situations and to help access to healthy food for poor households.

Text and photos: Quang Châu/CVN



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