Insurance: Helvetia changes structure to strengthen itself internationally

Insurance: Helvetia changes structure to strengthen itself internationally
Insurance: Helvetia changes structure to strengthen itself internationally

From July 1, the insurer Helvetia will adopt a new organization to strengthen its international presence. Spain, its second largest market, will notably become a segment in its own right.

Helvetia wants international markets to be better represented within the group. (archive)


The new Spain division will be headed by Juan Estallo, who was until now general manager of Liberty Seguros Europa and will join Helvetia on September 1, the company said in a press release published on Thursday. Until then, Fabian Rupprecht will take over in the interim.

The market units Germany, Italy and Austria will also form their own segment under the name GIAM (German, Italian and Austrian Markets, in English), she adds.

The new head of this entity from July 1 will be the Austrian Thomas Neusiedler, who joins the group’s management committee. He will take on this role in addition to his role as Managing Director of Helvetia Austria.

“International markets are better represented within the group’s management. At the same time, we are strengthening the functions of the group, while retaining full local responsibility for the market and results,” explains Fabian Rupprecht, Managing Director of Helvetia, quoted in the press release.

Furthermore, Sandra Hürlimann, until now responsible for the Analytical and Group Solutions sector at Helvetia, and of dual Swiss and Hungarian nationality, will take over the role of technical director of the group on July 1 and will also become a member of the management committee, announces the insurer again.

Roland Bentele, Head of Corporate Space, and Markus Gemperle, Managing Director Europe, are leaving the company at the end of the year and the management committee on June 30 to take early retirement. Beat Müller, head of the Group Actuary, will also take early retirement on April 1, 2025 and will relinquish his position on the management committee as of June 30.

As for the group’s current technical director, Achim Baumstark, he will take on the position of Swiss technical director and also bid farewell to the management committee.




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