flexible consumers help relieve electricity networks

flexible consumers help relieve electricity networks
flexible consumers help relieve electricity networks
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Climate-neutral electricity production from solar and wind energy will pose several new challenges to the energy system. The key point is that a significantly higher degree of flexibility than today will be necessary to maintain the balance between supply and consumption. Flexible consumers can make a significant contribution to this. How to achieve this will be one of the important topics addressed at EM-Power Europe, the international exhibition for energy management and integrated energy solutions.

According to EU calculations, demand for flexibility is expected to increase by 133% by 2030, said Michael Villa, director general of European trade association smartEn. In a recent study, Agora Energiewende concluded that by 2035, electric cars, heat pumps and home storage systems will be able to support around 10% of Germany’s annual electricity demand, which could represent around 100 trawatt hours. This flexibility on the consumer side will save around 4.8 billion euros. But in what ways can consumers contribute to the energy transition?

Use your own electricity optimally

To initially contribute more flexibility, the trend is the transformation of consumers into prosumers: these people use practices proven for years and have their own photovoltaic system connected to a stationary storage system as well as their own heat pump, and they recharge their electric car with the electricity they produce themselves. In this way, prosumers not only minimize their own consumption of electricity from the grid, they also reduce the load on their distribution network while maximizing their own consumption.

Supply and demand

When the sun and wind produce a lot of electricity, prices on the European EEX platform fall. From 2025, all electricity suppliers in Germany will be obliged to offer their customers dynamic pricing. They will then be able to optimize their consumption based on price. However, if many households consume a lot of electricity at the same time, the distribution networks will be heavily stressed. Making distribution tariffs more flexible could help counteract this effect: from 2025, network costs in Germany will be higher in the event of high network usage and lower in the event of low usage.

Supplier intervention

Suppliers will also contribute more broadly to flexibility: if network capacity threatens to become scarce, they can take measures to reduce their customers’ consumption. This type of measure has already been put into practice successfully: in the event of a bottleneck, suppliers can themselves temporarily shut down the connected heat pumps. However, customers do not suffer a loss of comfort, because the thermal storage units keep their homes warm. In return, the electricity they receive for their heat pump is offered at a particularly advantageous price.

New: choose to limit use rather than deactivate

A new feature brought to the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) allows network managers to limit the use of certain charging stations and heat pumps in the event of a risk of network overload. In return, network managers can no longer refuse to connect these consumers due to possible network overload.

EM-Power Europe

EM-Power Europe is the international trade fair for energy management and integrated energy solutions. Under the motto Empowering Grids and Prosumers, it brings together industry players and focuses on current trends and developments. EM-Power Europe will be held from June 19 to 21, 2024 at the Messe Mnchen exhibition center.

For more information, visit: www.em-power.eu

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