Worldcoin Foundation Launches Open Source SMPC System Called Perfect Secrecy to Help Organizations Strengthen Biometric Data Security Protection

Worldcoin Foundation Launches Open Source SMPC System Called Perfect Secrecy to Help Organizations Strengthen Biometric Data Security Protection
Worldcoin Foundation Launches Open Source SMPC System Called Perfect Secrecy to Help Organizations Strengthen Biometric Data Security Protection
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The Worldcoin Foundation today announced the launch of a new secure multi-party computation (SMPC). The system, available now in a GitHub repository, and usable by any organization, aims to establish a new standard for data protection, including the protection of biometric data. The Worldcoin Foundation also announced that after iris codes were migrated to the new SMPC system, the old uniqueness verification system, including iris codes, was safely removed.

Biometric authentication is increasingly used due to the increasing frequency of data breaches and the impact of these

Private and public sector organizations increasingly need consumer biometric data, which they use for everyday services and activities, from building access to security in airports or connecting health and financial services applications. Highlighting this increase, a report by Fortune Business Insights forecasts that the global biometric systems market size is expected to reach USD 76.70 billion in 2029, 2.5 times higher than in 2022, when the total market stood at 30. 77 billion USD.

Meanwhile, research carried out by MIT, led by Professor Stuart Madnick, shows that data breaches increased by 20% between 2022 and 2023, while the number of victims of these breaches doubled globally in during the same period.

All of these trends demonstrate the need to advance data protection technologies. Although Worldcoin cannot be used for authentication or biometric identification purposes (the Worldcoin Foundation does not know the identities of its users), the Foundation’s new open Source SMPC system can serve as the basis for establishing a new standard in biometric data security.

The Worldcoin Foundation SMPC system

SMPC has been praised by privacy and security experts. We can consider that this system amounts to taking a secret and dividing it into several elements then sharing it between different parties for increased protection. It is important to note that none of the individual items give any information about the original secret, making it impossible for any individual party to decipher the secret.

With this approach, the SMPC system offers perfect security under information theory, which means that it is effective even against quantum computing. Until now, SMPC systems have generally been too resource-intensive to be used effectively for large, complex calculations. This is why, despite their impressive qualities in terms of protecting privacy, they have not yet been used on a large scale for the protection of biometric models.

The Worldcoin Foundation, in collaboration with technologist-contributors from TACEO and Tools for Humanity, succeeded in designing a new implementation of the SMPC in order to respond to the scale and cost constraints that until now hampered other organizations. The new SMPC system, which encrypts iris codes in secret shares held by multiple parties, allowed the Worldcoin Foundation to permanently delete iris codes generated by its old uniqueness verification system.

The community that supports Worldcoin will never stop developing, testing and deploying the most advanced security, privacy and data protection technologies to improve online trust and increase access to the global economy,” said Jannick Preiwisch, head of data protection at the Worldcoin Foundation. The implementation of the new SMPC system allowed the Worldcoin Foundation to remove old iris codes by permanently encrypting them into SMPC elements which, in themselves, cannot be traced to an identified individual. The development of this new system demonstrates an unprecedented commitment to compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection regimes around the world. It also complements advances aimed at offering consumers greater choice and control over their data, particularly with regard to personal custody and the possibility of canceling the verification of their World ID.

About the Worldcoin Foundation

The Worldcoin Foundation, responsible for the Worldcoin protocol, aims to make the institutions of governance and the digital economy more inclusive, more equitable and more just.

About the Worldcoin protocol

The Worldcoin protocol is intended to become the most inclusive identity and financial public utility in the world and accessible to all. Worldcoin was originally designed by Sam Altman, Alex Blania and Max Novendstern. The Worldcoin protocol is designed to give individuals and businesses around the world the tools they need to participate in the digital economy and advance humanity. To learn more about Worldcoin, visit, and find us at Twitter/XDiscord, YouTube and Telegram.

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