“By 2030, 65% of our skills will be transformed”

“By 2030, 65% of our skills will be transformed”
“By 2030, 65% of our skills will be transformed”

As part of her tour of the territories, the general director of LinkedIn France, Fabienne Arata, is in Rennes on Thursday May 16 to meet businesses in the region. She takes the opportunity to announce to West France the latest figures from its platform: “We have just passed 30 million members. » And to analyze the job market and recruitment processes, based more on skills: “By 2030, 65% of the skills of each of us will be transformed, compared to 25% over the last nine years, she says. Even if you don’t change jobs, your job changes by itself. »

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How has LinkedIn evolved in recent years?

In France, we have just exceeded 30 million members in total. There were 25 million of us in November 2022 and 20 million in April 2020. The number of members has more than doubled since 2017! And we reach 90% of the working population. Every minute, six recruitments take place on the platform around the world. We support our members in their job search, building their network, training and above all in connecting with other experts to share points of view. 145 hours of training content are consumed worldwide every minute.

Is the image of LinkedIn, centered on executives, men, Parisians, real?

No. Now, LinkedIn reaches everyone. 75% of our members are outside Île-de-France, 5 million have field jobs, that is to say cannot be teleworked, 2 million are students. And the under-24 generation is joining LinkedIn at an accelerated pace: Gen Z engagement on our platform is now more than two and a half times higher than it was at the start of 2020.

In France, 800,000 companies have a profile on LinkedIn.

What is your business model?

It is based on two pillars: one concerns users, who have a free or premium profile. The other, the companies we support.

How ?

We support companies on three subjects, whatever their size or sector. The constitution of their talents:…



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