Petit-Landau waiting after Microsoft’s 2 billion euro investment

Petit-Landau waiting after Microsoft’s 2 billion euro investment
Petit-Landau waiting after Microsoft’s 2 billion euro investment

The town of Petit-Landau near Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) was chosen by Microsoft for the installation of a data center. Cost of the operation: two billion euros. Within the town, emotion remains measured.

The announcement made the front page of the country’s economic news. During the Choose France summit organized in Versailles on Monday May 13, Microsoft announced that it was investing five billion euros in France to develop its empire in artificial intelligence.

In this project, two billion euros are devoted to the creation of a new data center in Petit-Landau, a town of 800 inhabitants near Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin).

The establishment of the center should create more than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs according to the Region. The change promises to be significant for this town which has neither a bakery nor a supermarket.

The implementation of such a project in Petit-Landau logically surprised its residents. “I really thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first.“, says Martine Ferreira, manager of the town’s equestrian center. It was a customer who told her the news. “We were very surprised. Petit-Landau is a completely unknown village in the region. People who come here are often to see family..”

When we talk to her about Microsoft, Martine immediately thinks of her son.In computer science“Nevertheless, the resident wonders about the future of her town.”We wonder if there will be more people. We also wonder if it will disrupt the tranquility of the village.”

For its part, the town hall chooses discretion. The municipality has still not communicated about the event.

No, we do not comment on the information.“Despite multiple reminders, the municipal team of Petit-Landau did not wish to respond to us on Monday, May 13. That day, Microsoft had just made its record investment official.”We will perhaps say more in a few days“, the Secretary General told us.

On its site, Petit-Landau displays an equally disinterested posture. No laudatory press release or details on the two billion project. No, on the news program, the town is highlighting… a takeaway sale of couscous.

We had to wait two days later for the municipality to decide to tell us more. “Let’s be honest, we don’t know much about it“, recognizes the Secretary General. This explains it.”We know the construction zone, but we are not aware of the ins and outs. We don’t even know the size of the data center.”

m2A manages the project

Nicolas Nunninger, general secretary of Petit-Landau

Since the start of its project, Microsoft has had little interaction with the municipality. “We had a few interviews with themowe will enter a consultation phase“, we are told. For the rest, everything seems to have been done between the American company and the city.”m2A manages the project. We are informed later, we follow them, we try to be vigilant.”

Petit-Landau was chosen by Microsoft for its geographical advantages. The municipality borders Germany and is close to Switzerland. It also has a large plot of land which met the investor’s specifications.



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