Save time and money using Blueink esignature

Save time and money using Blueink esignature
Save time and money using Blueink esignature

Do you constantly have difficulty ensuring all signatures in your university, school and place of service? It’s time you try new solutions with Blueink esignature.

Blueink is revolutionizing the way institutions of all sizes manage e-signature workflows, seamlessly connecting and automating processes, achieving greater speed, cutting costs in half, and improving the customer experience. employees and signatories.

Today the special task of digital technologies is to improve the student experience, speed up paper-based processes and cut electronic signature costs by half.


  • Delight Families: Simplify interactions between students and parents with a seamless, digital mobile experience that speeds approval of policies, meeting documents, and more.
  • Reduce tedious tasks: Save staff from having to correct and redo manual data entries due to errors in paper forms.
  • Level A+ Automation: Replace mountains of paperwork with a connected, fully automated document management workflow.

Why Blueink?

  • It saves money
  • Exceptional customer service
  • You need someone agile.
  • Blueink’s cost-effective solutions are designed to align with the unique needs of institutions such as healthcare and education, providing a remarkable 50% cost advantage over Docusign.
  • Blueink prioritizes the rigorous security requirements of the government, healthcare and education sectors.
  • Blueink’s mobile feature provides a user-friendly experience for the signer.
  • Blueink offers a free trial version.

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