if you do not complete this new form, you risk a large fine

In 2024, owners will have to fill out a form when filing their tax return. Beware of omissions: no tolerance will be applied this year and ignoring this form could cost you dearly.

Like every year, the return of spring rhymes with tax returns. In May, all French people are invited to declare their income to inform the tax administration. In 2024, something new should not be overlooked when filing taxes: it is a form dedicated to owners.

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If you are a tenant, don’t panic: you don’t have to complete anything other than your usual declaration. On the other hand, if you own real estate, don’t forget to declare it.

“Since last year, if you are an owner, you must indicate to the tax administration, for each of the premises you own, in what capacity you occupy it (main or secondary house) and the identity of the occupants if you do not live in the accommodation yourself”indicates the Public service on its website.

A form for owners

In addition to this, you will have to declare any change: if you have a new tenant, if your property is unoccupied, if your main home has become a secondary home or if you have purchased a new property. All this information is necessary for the tax administration to know if you must pay the various housing taxes.

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To find the form to fill out, here is the procedure to follow. Log in to your personal space on the impots.gouv.fr platform. Go to the “Manage my real estate” section and indicate if you own a home. Specify whether it is a primary or secondary residence and whether you occupy it or not. If it is a rental property, indicate the identity of the tenants, the period of occupancy and optionally the amount of the household. The tax site specifies that if you already made this declaration last year and nothing has changed, you do not have to declare anything this year.

150 euros fine in case of forgetting

This year, no tolerance will be applied in the event of forgetting because according to Free Middaythe tax authorities now believe that this rule is known to everyone, since it was applied for the first time last year.

If you do not complete this form even though you are the owner, you risk being fined 150 euros. If you do not have access to the internet, please note that this declaration can be made in paper format. Complete the form entitled “Declaration of occupancy of the premises by the owner”. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact 08 09 401 401, available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., to receive help with your declaration. You have until July 1, 2024 to declare your real estate.



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