Bitcoin returns to the green and exceeds $65,000 again

Since the last Bitcoin’s all-time high (ATH) in mid-Marchit is the gloom of a bearish correction which has slowly established itself on the cryptocurrency market. Thus, since April 25, the BTC price fell below $65,000 without ever going above it again… until today!

Indeed, at the time of writing these lines, at the end of the afternoon of May 15, 2024Bitcoin not only experienced $65,000 again, but even touched the $65,200. A little jump of almost +6% over 24 hours, since yesterday at the same time, BTC was struggling around $61,500.

Bitcoin (BTC) price against the US dollar on Coinbase (1H candles). – Source:

On the other hand, it will be noted that, on the side ofEthereum (ETH), we are not yet out of the rut. Indeed, the prince of altcoins still cannot free himself from 3000 dollars at the time of writing these lines, and desperately stumbles upon this resistance symbolic. Is this the prospect (unfortunately more and more likely) ofa refusal of Ethereum spot ETFs who is weighing down the first altcoin to this extent?



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