“Christians for the climate” say yes to the Electricity Law – Swiss Catholic Portal

“Christians for the climate” say yes to the Electricity Law – Swiss Catholic Portal
“Christians for the climate” say yes to the Electricity Law – Swiss Catholic Portal

The “Christians for Climate Protection” coalition supports the ‘Electricity Act’ which will be submitted to the Swiss people on June 9, 2024. For the ecumenical association, the new legislation decisively advances climate protection of the climate.

The Electricity Act (LApEl) aims to promote renewable energies produced in Switzerland, by securing supply and ensuring that the country achieves the objectives it has set for itself in terms of reducing energy consumption. carbon emissions.

At the beginning of 2024, environmental protection associations activated the referendum tool against this bill, accepted by the government and Parliament. The people are therefore called upon to decide the question on June 9.

“Christians for climate protection” brings together 10 Christian organizations, including the Catholic aid organization Action de Carême (AdC), the Protestant organization EPER, and the ecumenical association Oeco Churches and environment. The coalition was formed at the end of 2022 to mobilize in favor of the Climate Law.

The opposition comes from two distinct camps: the conservative right and certain nature protection associations. Opponents mainly assert that the law would not be sufficient to ensure energy supply and that the structures necessary for its implementation (wind turbines, solar panels, dams) could disfigure the landscape and cause damage to the environment.

Respect for nature and the landscape

Arguments that do not convince “Christians for climate protection”. “To protect our climate, we must develop renewable energies and do without fossil fuels,” assures the coalition in a press release dated May 14, 2024. The Law would thus “decisively advance the protection of the climate, the protection of environment and the energy turning point”.

LApEl creates the basis for rapidly producing more electricity in Switzerland from renewable energy sources such as water, sun, wind or biomass, notes the press release. “The electricity requirements for electric cars, heat pumps and industry can and will thus be covered in the future by clean, indigenous energy.”

The “Christians for Climate Protection” believe that the LApEl also provides effective measures against the waste of electricity and reduces dependence on oil and gas imports from abroad. “The new Law encourages more than 80% of the development of solar energy on roofs, facades and car parks. This advances climate protection while respecting the protection of nature and the landscape,” says the coalition. “For Christians, taking responsibility for climate protection is part of their responsibility in matters of faith,” finally notes the press release. (cath.ch/com/ag/rz)

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