Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, subscription plans could soon change

Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, subscription plans could soon change
Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, subscription plans could soon change

The proliferation of streaming platforms is gradually leading to congestion in the market. Faced with this problem, certain major players in the sector are establishing agreements to offer bundled offers.

Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Paramount+, HBO Max, in just a few years, streaming platforms have multiplied in the audiovisual landscape. So much so that we are gradually witnessing a saturation of the market, with the multiplication of offers being significant. In other words, a glass ceiling is looming on the horizon.

Streaming platforms are well aware of the problem and now seem to be adopting a new strategy to address it. At least, in part. So, we recently learned that Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney have joined forces to launch an offer bringing together Disney+, HBO Max and Hulu on the American market this summer. Three streaming platforms therefore, for a monthly payment. And if the price has not yet been communicated, the offer is presented as “ the best value for money in entertainment “.

Even more recently, we learned of another alliance which seems to have the objective of competing with the one we have just mentioned. Indeed, still in the United States, the cable operator Comcast will soon offer an offer bringing together: Netflix, Apple TV+ and Peacock. According to the press release, the offer in question will be launched “ at a significantly reduced price “.

Through these two recently announced maneuvers, we can clearly see that a new economic strategy is slowly being put in place. Faced with a proliferation of players on the market, certain streaming platforms are uniting to gain leverage.

Of course, unique offers will not disappear. Netflix continues to post a relatively positive financial result, and Disney+ is holding up, even if the big-eared company recently recorded a loss of subscribers.

But, ultimately, we should see offers flourishing that bring together several streaming platforms. We would therefore no longer subscribe to a single streaming platform, but to 2 or 3 at the same time.

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