“We were made to take risks”: Citroën urgently recalls 181,000 cars, drivers fume

“We were made to take risks”: Citroën urgently recalls 181,000 cars, drivers fume
“We were made to take risks”: Citroën urgently recalls 181,000 cars, drivers fume

This is a product recall of a magnitude rarely seen.

Citroën sent registered letters to 181,000 of its customers asking them to “immediately stop driving” their vehicle.

In question: airbags suffering from “a potentially fatal defect”.

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The 1 p.m.

“Citroën asks you to immediately stop driving your vehicle” due to airbags which may “cause serious injury or death”indicates the registered letter recently sent by Citroën to more than 181,000 owners of C3 and DS3 produced between 2009 and 2019. “The propellant contained in the driver and passenger airbags can deteriorate over time. In the event of an accident, it could rupture with too much force, injuring the vehicle occupants”explained for its part, on May 3, the government site RappelConso.

The drivers concerned do not take off. “It’s not very reassuringeuphemism for example, at the microphone of TF1, in the 1 p.m. news report to see in the video at the top of this article, Dimitri Moulins, owner of a recalled C3. We drive the car every day. And there, we say to ourselves that we were made to take risks for months. Especially since, when we inquire, we see that this Takata airbag problem has been known for a while. Citroën therefore took time to react.”

Problem: Customer service for Takata, the Japanese manufacturer of this airbag containing dangerous chemicals, cannot be reached. And for good reason: the company filed for bankruptcy in 2017. “All vehicles affected by this recall campaign will be taken back to the workshop to replace the driver and passenger airbags”, explains Ari Afonso, after-sales assistant at Citroën. A replacement to be carried out at your dealer.

“Any customer who receives the letter must call the number indicated to make an appointment. The call center will qualify the customer’s vehicle and offer them a repair within the Citroën network, in addition to a mobility solution, free of charge according to his needs”specifies for his part Stéphane Cesareo, director of communications for the manufacturer.

Numerous testimonies on social networks, however, indicate that reality differs from this theory. “The toll-free number set up promises us that the dealers must give us a courtesy vehicle or 40 euros per day if no vehicle! But the dealers no longer have vehicles and refuse to compensate people whose cars are immobilized “, storms one Internet user among others. For its part, Citroën management recognizes some malfunctions, but assures that everything will be done to support the owners concerned.

Hamza HIZZIR | TF1 report Elsa Assalit, Nicolas Forestier



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