Citroën recalls thousands of vehicles due to defective airbags: here are the models affected

Citroën recalls thousands of vehicles due to defective airbags: here are the models affected
Citroën recalls thousands of vehicles due to defective airbags: here are the models affected

VSItroën recalls thousands of cars for a safety defect. These are C3 and DS3 models produced between 2009 and 2017. More than a million cars are affected, according to Argus, relayed by our colleagues at The voice of the North.

These cars, very common models, would present a problem with the airbag. Takata brand, they would age poorly.

“The propellant in the driver and passenger airbags can deteriorate over time. In the event of an accident in which the airbags deploy, it could rupture with too much force, injuring the vehicle occupants. »

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“Stop driving your vehicle immediately”: Citroën recalls thousands of cars

“Serious injuries, even fatal”

The manufacturer sent a reminder letter to affected customers, which is no more reassuring if Internet users are to be believed: “Citroën asks you to immediately stop driving your vehicle” due to airbags that could “cause serious or even fatal injuries.” », writes Dimitri Moulins on X.

Several Internet users expressed their dismay on the networks. Citroën seems, for the moment, not to have planned a solution for the motorists concerned. Many risk finding themselves without a reliable mobility solution while waiting for their airbag to be replaced.

The government website Conso Rappel has listed the models affected by this recall. C3s and DS3s bearing one of these identification numbers are affected:

For the C3

e11*2007/46*0113*01 to e11*2007/46*0113*02 (C3)

e11*2007/46*0113*01 to e11*2007/46*0113*02 (C3)

e11*2007/46*0113*04 to e11*2007/46*0113*06 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0003*00 to e2*2007/46*0003*06 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0003*09 to e2*2007/46*0003*25 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0003*27 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0003*29 to e2*2007/46*0003*38 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0003*44 to e2*2007/46*0003*45 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0060*00 to e2*2007/46*0060*04 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0060*07 to e2*2007/46*0060*10 (C3)

e2*2007/46*0060*12 to e2*2007/46*0060*16 (C3)

e24*2007/46*0019*00 to e24*2007/46*0019*04 (C3)

e24*2007/46*0028*03 to e24*2007/46*0028*04 (C3)

For DS3

e2*2007/46*0003*01 to e2*2007/46*0003*03 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*05 to e2*2007/46*0003*06 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*09 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*11 to e2*2007/46*0003*21 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*23 to e2*2007/46*0003*25 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*27 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*29 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*31 to e2*2007/46*0003*36 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*38 to e2*2007/46*0003*39 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*40 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*42 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*44 to e2*2007/46*0003*45 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*48 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*50 (DS3)

e2*2007/46*0003*52 to e2*2007/46*0003*53 (DS3)

e2*KS07/46*0004*00 to e2*KS07/46*0004*01 (DS3)

e2*KS07/46*0004*03 to e2*KS07/46*0004*06 (DS3)

e2*KS07/46*0005*00 to e2*KS07/46*0005*05 (DS3)

e24*2007/46*0028*00 to e24*2007/46*0028*04 (DS3)



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