The revolt against Elon Musk’s politics

The revolt against Elon Musk’s politics
The revolt against Elon Musk’s politics

Rich Otto, Tesla’s head of product launches, has resigned after seven years at the company. In a message published on LinkedIn, he harshly criticizes the recent massive layoffs decided by Elon Musk, saying that they weaken employee morale and prevent us from seeing the long term.

Rich Otto, an iconic figure in charge of product launches at Tesla, announced his departure from the company last week. After nearly seven years of loyal service, the influential executive decided to leave, in a tense context of massive restructuring.

A scathing farewell

In a sensational publication on LinkedIn, the former manager did not mince his words to criticize the new policy of massive layoffs adopted by management. According to him, these deep cuts threaten the balance and entrepreneurial spirit that made Tesla strong.

The recent layoffs have truly shaken the company and undermined morale. This harmony essential to long-term success is now broken“, he denounced virulently.

Bitterness and nostalgia

However, Rich Otto was for a long time a fervent ambassador of the corporate culture advocated by Elon Musk. In his farewell message, he was full of praise for this working environment that is conducive to the development of talent.

“What makes Tesla unique is this collaborative culture where everyone, regardless of their rank, can do hear his voice and see his ideas come to fruition,” he emphasized with a touch of nostalgia.

An uncertain future

The departure of this historic figure comes at a critical time for the automobile manufacturer. Faced with a serious slowdown in sales of electric vehicles, Tesla must indeed reduce its costs to preserve its profit margins.

Recent serial defections many senior officials, led by Rich Otto, cast doubt on the group’s ability to overcome this difficult ordeal. The situation is serious for Elon Musk, who will have to redouble his efforts to get the company back on track.

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