Tariffs against China make a comeback in the US election campaign

China “cheats”, but “we are not going to [la] let our market be flooded,” US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday to justify the quadrupling of customs duties on Chinese electric vehicles announced earlier in the day, economic competition with China being at the heart of the campaign for presidential.

We will never let China control the market for these types of vehicles, insisted Mr. Biden during a press conference at the White House. In passing, he scratched his Republican competitor, Donald Trump, with whom he will compete in particular in the industrial states decisive for the election, such as Pennsylvania or Michigan.

[Il est] impossible for [nos] car manufacturers to compete [la Chine] honestly.

A quote from Joe Biden, President of the United States

Thanks to his big green plan (IRA) and support for union organizations in the sector, the American president has sought to repeatedly show his support for the American automobile industry, by helping it accelerate its electric shift.

This is a signal to American manufacturers that the Biden administration is seeking to [les] protectexplained to theAFP Paul Triolo, researcher specializing in China for Albright Stonebridge Group.

It is also a bet that aims to recreate industrial jobs in states historically affected by deindustrialization and which could prove decisive in the race for the White House, especially in Michigan and Pennsylvania.


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Employees at work at an electric vehicle assembly plant in Zouping, China.

Photo: AFP

The metal workers union (USW) also welcomed, in a press release, the White House decision, deeming it necessary to support our domestic production and our workers.

Donald Trump criticizes

However, his Republican rival Donald Trump, on the sidelines of his trial in New York, did not fail to joke about a decision that he considers to be in line with those that he himself was able to take as a tenant of the White House.

[Le président américain] wants to impose significant tariffs on China, which is what I proposed. Where were you for three and a half years?

A quote from Donald Trump, former president of the United States

My predecessor failed to protect the United Statesreplied Joe Biden, adding that Mr. Trump wants to increase all customs duties, he just doesn’t understand.

The Republican candidate has in fact made the general increase in customs duties one of the major axes of his economic program in the event of re-election, ensuring that he would counterbalance the effects for American consumers with a tax cut, which will be precisely financed by these new tax revenues.

This new series of additional taxes is nevertheless a continuation of those put in place by former President Trump, focusing however on sectors deemed strategicsuch as semiconductors, vehicle batteries or even steel and aluminum.

18 billion dollars of Chinese products

These increases or new duties concern a total of 18 billion dollars (almost 25 billion Canadian dollars) of Chinese imports.

Part of this sum also represents a simple increase in existing duties as part of a review of customs duties introduced by the former president, which Mr. Biden had promised to review.

Ultimately, all customs duties remain in place, a US official confirmed toAFPapplied to more than 200 billion dollars of imports (almost 275 billion Canadian dollars).

Beijing was quick to react through its Ministry of Commerce which, in a press release, denounced a decision which will seriously affect the atmosphere of bilateral cooperationcalling the United States to immediately reverse their erroneous actions and reverse additional tariff measures against China.

Expressing his strong disapprovalChina emphasized that the WTO has long since concluded than American tariffs break their rulesbut the United States persists in its mistakes, again and again.


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China heavily subsidizes its industries in cutting-edge technology areas.


The day before, the American Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, had stressed the need for the White House to ensure that the stimulus provided by the IRA [le grand plan vert voté il y a un an] to support these industries, that these investments be protected.

The American government has invested more than $860 billion, through the IRA, to accelerate the production of electric cars and vehicle batteries, as well as solar panels and wind turbines. made in America”,”text”:”made in America”}}”>made in America.

However, Washington accuses Beijing of strongly supporting its industries in these strategic sectors with significant subsidies, which leads to overproduction sold at knockdown prices on the world market and prevents the development of competing industries in other countries.

This fear is shared by the European Union and other nations, such as Turkey, Brazil and India, said an American official.



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