Do you find the new Lexus LM weird? It’s nothing compared to his figures!

Each automotive segment meets its own codes. So the shuttles that you see at airports, train stations or in front of certain hotels have a hard time hiding the origins of utilities from which they are closely derived. This is logical, because they a priori require less refinement than the cars in which we drive every day, the main thing being to preserve a large carrying capacity for passengers and luggage during short journeys.. That said, Lexus is not necessarily of this opinion and therefore presented a new LM in 2023. The second generation of this “Luxury Mover”, now available in Europe, borrows its underside from the latest Lexus SUVs, whether the compact NX (4.66 m) or the large RX (4.81 m) . A GA-K platform which therefore gives this somewhat special transporter a driving comfort unknown to its competitors, Mercedes V Class in the lead. As if to better match the plethoric equipment and the exemplary presentation of Japanese. But this LM also stands out from its adversaries through other capabilities, which we have quantified in detail at our Montlhéry base.

Efficient and sober!

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The new Lexus LM is comfortable.© Lexus

First, unlike its rivals, the Lexus van has a unique non-rechargeable hybrid engine. To do this, he did not have to look far since he took those of the other SUVs in the range previously mentioned, in other words the naturally aspirated 4-cylinder 2.5 with 190 hp and two electric motors – 182 hp in front and 54 hp behind which transforms it into 4-wheel drive – for an approved cumulative power of 250 hp. As a result, the performances are there. Our stopwatch is clear: 9.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h and 6.4 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km/h. Not bad at all for a vehicle that weighs 2,380 kg on our scale. Taking into account that we analyzed a 7-seater version (a 4-seater variant is also available).

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The new Lexus LM measures 5.13 m in length.© Lexus

To compare these flattering figures, consumption must be aligned. Despite its large mass and comfortable power, the LM amazed us on the city cycle, where it gets by with less than 6 l/100 km! It doesn’t fare so badly on the road either, with just under 9 l/100 km. In the end, it’s only on the motorway that the consumption increases, but we can forgive the Japanese who also pay for this more pronounced appetite on the expressway due to a physique not very conducive to penetration into the air… Still, on a weighted average, we obtain a nice 7.9 l/100 km.

  • City consumption: 5.9 l/100 km
  • Road consumption: 8.8 l/100 km
  • Highway consumption: 10.3 l/100 km
  • Average consumption: 7.9 l/100 km

Space? A bit my wish!

Finally, we cannot detail the figures of the LM without going through the habitability. There is no need to detail the space offered in the first two rows in this behemoth of 5.13 m long, 1.89 m wide and 1.94 m high. On the other hand, it is at the rear that we must linger. Firstly because unlike the majority of 7-seater vehicles, it is the third row of seats that accommodates…3 people! By deploying the two seats placed on the walls of the LM, we not only obtain two seats, but by then folding down the two armrests, a third seat is possible. Be careful, this one will be significantly less welcoming than all the others and to travel well aboard this giant, it is better to stay with 6 people. But the installation of a headrest between the two back seats and the junction made between the seats undeniably form a 7th place.

Once deployed, the seats of the Lexus LM It is the third row of seats that accommodates 3 passengers in the Lexus LM. © Lexus

An original system which will allow occupants to be accommodated in a certain comfort and thanks to a nice gap with the second row of seats. We actually measured up to 121 cm between the backrests and 78 cm for the legs.. Obviously, when all the seats are deployed, the LM does not perform any miracles on trunk capacity, but in 5-seater, the volume immediately reaches 1,800 dm3. This makes it an incomparable family travel vehicle. And a skilled mover, since in station wagon configuration, the Japanese swallows up to 4.2 m3 of suitcases!

> type="image/webp">The new Lexus LM can store its back seats along the walls.>>
The new Lexus LM can store its back seats along the walls.© Lexus

Luxurious, comfortable, spacious and offering an excellent performance/consumption ratio, the new LM achieves an astonishing synthesis. He also charges a lot of money for it since it still starts at nearly €130,000.. Incongruous for a “simple” van, but approaching this strange machine still allows us to salute the work carried out by the Japanese manufacturer.



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