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IT and digitalization solutions are specified by their characteristics: computing power and storage capacity, speed, energy consumption, etc. But where do we have the opportunity to see, touch, or even test as many of them as possible if they are not already in use in our own computing center? As part of the Huawei Enterprise Roadshow, of course! Every year, a Huawei “digital truck” travels across Europe to present the latest product innovations, accompanied by examples of applications in the most diverse sectors.
After the 2023 Roadshow, attracting 8,000 visitors from Huawei partners and end customers during its journey through 21 countries, the mobile showroom returned to the road in 2024. After France, Spain and Portugal, it stopped in Switzerland and is now heading to Poland, Turkey, Finland and 14 other countries.

Zurich, Lausanne, Bern

During its Swiss stopovers, which also coincided with the local Huawei branches in Lausanne, Zurich and Bern, the digital showroom – with its imposing dimensions of 14 × 8 m – each time benefited from a prime location and invited visitors partners and (potential) customers in the transfer and exchange of knowledge.

(Source: Huawei)

In Lausanne, at the Tuilière stadium, in Zurich, at the Schiffbau, as well as in Bern, on the Wankdorf site, the mornings were devoted to the plural ecosystem of Huawei partners and the afternoons to customers.

Dieter Hodapp, Alltron AG, Specialized Sales Datacenter & IT Security, was on hand: “The Huawei Roadshow is fantastic! We can get there without major trips to take advantage of the latest technological updates and, what’s more, discover them firsthand, in the truck. »

(Source: Huawei) Dieter Hodapp, Alltron AG, Specialized Sales Datacenter & IT Security

Interactive presentation of products and solutions

This year, the digital truck focused on the following technologies:

The latest generation of wireless technology is three times faster than the previous generation, for even lower latency. Huawei offers WiFi 7 not only to businesses, but, more recently, to end customers as well. Augmented reality and home video streaming promise new experiences for users – provided the network performance is impeccable.

  • Anti-Ransomware Data Protection Solution

Huawei Unveils Industry’s First Ransomware Protection Solution, Collaborating Network and Memory for Dual Defense with Six Layers of Protection to Detect Risks Using AI Algorithms Before a Virus Can reach the stored data.

  • Storage solutions for AI applications

The effective use of AI presupposes high requirements for data mobility. In order to extract knowledge from data, independent and dispersed data sources must be brought together into AI data factories. Because data stocks are now so valuable, they also need to be stored permanently. Huawei’s new OceanStor storage solutions comprehensively target the AI ​​era and combine performance, speed, security and efficiency.

(Source: Huawei)

When it comes to the home network, Huawei is no longer just talking about 1G or 10G speed, but 50G. As a result, many applications that today still run locally due to bandwidth requirements will be able to be used from a cloud in the future. Home users will no longer need a supercomputer in their home to enjoy superperformance.

In line with the Roadshow credo, Huawei products and solutions go hand in hand with the aspiration to combine cutting-edge performance and new features with energy savings and reduced emissions.
For example, Huawei’s OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage is the world’s first data storage product that is ISO 14067 carbon footprint certified and said to integrate the concept of circular economy into the entire life cycle of the new range of products.

Hendrik Jost, Sonio AG – Head of Datacenter Technologies, said: “We have been an early Huawei partner and took advantage of the Roadshow to present the latest hardware and software to our customers. »

(Source: Huawei) Hendrik Jost, Sonio AG – Head of Datacenter Technologies

Solutions for SMEs and many sectors

The focus was also on specific solutions with which Huawei meets the needs of the most diverse customer segments. The eKit, launched recently and which facilitates the digitalization of small and medium-sized Swiss businesses thanks to preconfigured standard solution packs, had its place like many sector-specific solutions.

These products mainly target sectors such as retail, healthcare, education, ISPs as well as the public sector. In the field of health, in particular, integrated infrastructure solutions for the intelligent networking of stakeholders are presented and illustrated by numerous reference examples.

(Source: Huawei)

“Smartness” is also at the heart of solutions intended for the public sector: smart parking, smart mobility, smart lighting, etc. – digitalization not only increases the comfort of citizens, but also saves costs, energy and other resources.

(Source: Huawei)

In retail, digitalized processes save paper, increase the efficiency of logistics and merchandise management or network and optimize all retail touch points. a smart store thanks to Huawei’s “All-round Digital Retail Services” platform.

Innovative forms of learning and smart classrooms ensure more inclusion, better educational opportunities as well as the orientation of training towards a successful digital future in education. If Huawei’s concern for “TECH4ALL” is reflected in these solutions relevant to Switzerland and its capacity for innovation, they may even prove essential to survival in other countries. A recent report from the Government of Kenya finds that the mobile digital classroom made available by Huawei, powered by solar energy and traveling even to the most remote parts of the country, overall helps to increase income, employment and entrepreneurship in the country.

Yang Wang, Director Market & Enterprise Solution Sales at Huawei Technologies Switzerland, is even more proud of Huawei and satisfied with the response the truck has received in Switzerland: “We had particularly interesting discussions at the three sites in Lausanne. , Zurich and Bern. The morning events for partners as well as the guided tours for customers in the afternoon recorded excellent attendance. We are delighted by the interest shown in Huawei, which was always accompanied by questions regarding our business development.”

In this regard, Yang Wang was able to provide pleasing information: Huawei thus increased its turnover by almost ten percent (9.6%) in 2023 and continued its sustainability-oriented investment strategy: 23 $2 billion was invested in research and development, an area where more than 55% of all Huawei employees work. This equates to more than 23% of revenue, making Huawei one of the most research-active companies globally.

Yang Wang
(Source: Huawei) Yang Wang, Director Market & Enterprise Solution Sales at Huawei Technologies Switzerland


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