The wolf, the war in Gaza, new electricity law, gypsies and electricity prices

The wolf, the war in Gaza, new electricity law, gypsies and electricity prices
The wolf, the war in Gaza, new electricity law, gypsies and electricity prices

The wolf, the war in Gaza, new electricity law, gypsies and electricity prices

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Published today at 6:52 a.m.

War in Gaza

President Biden does not want an attack on Rafah, so the Israelis will empty and raze the city in several stages. Currently, they are asking 100,000 residents of the east of the city to move with their tents and mattresses 10 km to a secure area. Then, it will be those of the west, the south, the north and finally the center. In small slices, they will have razed Rafah.

Israelis have the right to live in security. The others, never. When they are all hungry and sick, without hospitals or medicine, Gazans will be obedient. Or, in a few years, even more violent.

Gérard Stalder, Montreux


On June 9, we will vote on the Electricity Act, a sweeping reform of federal energy laws that implements the 2017 popular vote in favor of the 2050 Energy Strategy.

The war in Ukraine and the power plant failures in France have shown our great dependence on imported energy, a dependence which has brought us to the brink of shortage and led to very painful inflation. It is essential to increase the production of renewable energy in Switzerland and reduce energy waste, to safeguard our quality of life and our independence, and reduce the costs for all of society.

The electricity law will allow new renewable production, 80% by solar power plants on the roofs of buildings, by raising Alpine dams and by a limited number of wind farms of national interest. It will make it possible to set efficiency objectives for electrical companies. The law will simplify federal procedures but will not infringe on the political rights of municipalities and cantons. Biodiversity will remain a preponderant interest protected by law, with guarantees in particular for the protection of biotopes downstream of dams, or of nesting and migratory birds near wind turbines. Above all, by offering reliable and viable alternatives to fossil fuels, the energy law will help preserve the climate.

The electricity law is a pragmatic instrument, a compromise of Swiss genius widely supported in parliament, to jointly succeed in the energy transition in the coming decade, with quantified objectives for 2035 and 2050.

Benoist Guillard, Municipal Energy, Yverdon-les-Bains

Return of the Wolf

I was shocked to read that federal elected officials are planning yet another attack on the wolf. No one denies that the cohabitation of large predators and mountain agriculture poses problems. However, it is illusory to want to resolve this problem with gunfire, because the wolf is now well established in our country, returning naturally from neighboring countries. Additionally, early DNA data shows that wolves that had never attacked a single sheep were killed for no reason. It is therefore above all on the prevention and protection of herds that we must focus. The figures for the 2023 summer season – with a decreasing number of attacks across the country while the number of wolves has increased – show that these measures are bearing fruit.

The policy of cohabitation with wolves must demonstrate common sense, without promising impossible results to breeders, and without thinking that thoughtless shooting will effectively protect the herds. In addition, these shots break the dynamics of the packs and seem to create the dispersion of individuals without landmarks, as wildlife specialists had predicted.

The wolf is back, also with beneficial effects on biodiversity and the regeneration of our forests, and we must learn to live with it and not against it.

Pascal Jacot-Guillarmod, Lausanne

Electricity price

Concerns letters to readers “On one side we encourage, on the other we discourage” (“24 Heures” of May 7).

Like this reader, I own a villa with 91 solar panels. I simply come back to his observation of the cost of electricity that Romande Energie (RE) pays to the energy producer that we are.

The price paid for 2024 actually fell from 18.60 cents to 17.60 cents per kWh, but in return the cost invoiced by RE increased from 18.15 cents to 15.81 cents per kWh. So a decrease greater than the increase.

You have to compare the right figures: the other costs charged, such as the various taxes, are not affected, whether or not you produce energy using solar panels. In conclusion, we must always encourage the installation of solar panels.

André Arn, Mollie-Margot

Gypsies in Montheron

I am aware that a certain left mixed with green in addition to various so-called associations for the protection of men are not distinguished Latinists, but a little common sense makes us clearly see that our two ways of life coexist with difficulty. That of the gypsies has practices that deviate from our established order, which has rules that we are all required to observe under penalty of being sanctioned.

The photo and description of the mess at the Rama parking lot need no comment. It’s still a bit of a hassle to practice a sport, pay membership fees to a club, provide equipment, a canteen, etc. and, by the simple fact of a communal decision devoid of wisdom, the members of the club must ask permission from the gypsies to access the shooting range which has become impassable. In addition to filth and excrement, these people steal and break things for fun. Promoting sport, Lausanne version!

In addition, the Company of Archers was the organizer of the Swiss championship which it must simply cancel, faced with the fait accompli of authorizing this camp.

As for the cantonal delegate to Travelers, whose work is more priestly than normal employment, he was simply bypassed by the City. These cases of incivility on both sides of the canton are seriously starting to tire us out and we will unfortunately have to wait for a serious incident for us to start thinking ahead.

According to the proverb from ancient Greece, “it would be good not to add to ills a remedy worse than the evil.”

François Luther, Gilly

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