McCain will invest more than 350 million euros in its three sites in France

McCain will invest more than 350 million euros in its three sites in France
McCain will invest more than 350 million euros in its three sites in France

More than 15 billion euros will be invested in France in various sectors of activity, during the “Choose France” summit. This is the case of McCain, the Canadian fries giant, which will inject more than 350 million euros into its three French production sites, including that of Matougues, in Marne.

The “Choose France” summit, which is celebrating its 7th edition, is being held in Versailles this Monday afternoon. Some 240 bosses, three-quarters of whom are foreigners, will announce record investments, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, AI, and even logistics. The total amount of investments for this edition amounts to more than 15 billion euros, for 56 project announcements. It was 10.8 billion euros in 2022 and 13 billion euros in 2023.

A record which is the pride of the presidential camp, struggling in the polls less than a month before the European elections. “It’s still great to say that we are investing here because we give confidence,” says a Macronist MP. One way to capitalize on this sequence, by first recalling that Emmanuel Macron’s economic policy is paying off, insists his camp, which hopes that this will in turn boost candidate Valérie Hayer.

And also taking the opportunity to tackle the RN, the “scavengers of deindustrialization” according to a ministerial advisor. The massive investments clearly show, she says, “that closing borders doesn’t work.” Not enough to convince a heavyweight from the RN, for whom “it’s bullshit” and who even goes so far as to denounce an “Amazon invasion” on the French market.

McCain wants to “improve his performance”

Among the investors, the Canadian McCain, an international French fries giant, which plans to inject more than 350 million euros into its three production sites in France. And in particular on that of Matougues, in Marne, where Emmanuel Macron will be traveling this Monday morning.

On this tangle of conveyor belt, “there are the potatoes which will leave to be transformed into a frying line”, explains Thomas Delcroix, director of the factory. There are 1,200 tonnes of potatoes processed here every day.

“To turn the potato into fries, it takes an hour and a half. The Matougues factory produces 27 tonnes of fries per hour,” he says.

Production that McCain wants to increase by 25%. So, the fryer is this equipment that will be replaced. “We will therefore receive an investment of more than 25 million to improve its performance,” explains Thomas Delcroix.

A profitable investment for neighboring operators

A colossal sum but justified according to Max Keune, general director of McCain. “We chose France on the one hand because it is our largest European market. We have a very strong agricultural area, generations of farmers and above all farmers who are focused on the future,” he explains.

Neighboring operators who will ultimately benefit from this investment, rejoices Bruno Adnet, the city’s mayor.

“It sustains production and for some who are contractual with McCain, it could double their production and then secure the sale of their potatoes, it is very important,” he explains.

A production which represents almost half of the potatoes processed in the Matougues factory.

Guillaume Descours with Inès Zeghloul and Hélène Terzian



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