Sanofi announces more than a billion euros of investment in France

Sanofi announces more than a billion euros of investment in France
Sanofi announces more than a billion euros of investment in France

During Choose France, the laboratory shows that it continues to choose France for the production of its future drugs.

On Choose France day, even French companies choose France. On the occasion of the high mass organized every year at the Élysée for foreign companies, the pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announces that it will invest an additional 1.1 billion euros in France by 2030 to develop its production capacities for new drugs.

Sanofi has a record number of drugs and vaccines in development […]underlines Paul Hudson, the group’s general manager. With these unprecedented industrial investments, we remain faithful to our history by once again choosing France to produce them. France is and will always be at the heart of Sanofi’s strategy.”

500 jobs created

In detail, 1 billion euros will be invested in Vitry-sur-Seine, to build a new factory which will double the production of monoclonal antibodies on this site, a type of medicine on which Sanofi is banking. Among the twelve blockbuster drugs that the pharmaceutical laboratory hopes to develop in the coming years, several, such as those intended to treat chronic bronchitis, asthma or multiple sclerosis, could be produced in Vitry, which already had know-how in this domain.

Sanofi will also invest 100 million euros at its Trait site, in Normandy, to increase the production capacity of its blockbuster drug, Dupixent, for which it hopes to soon obtain approval for the treatment of chronic bronchitis. 150 jobs should be created there.

The group is finally relocating to France, to Lyon Gerland, the production of Tzield, a drug against type 1 diabetes which Sanofi has made
acquisition in April 2023 and which was until now produced in the United States.

France represents 4.5% of Sanofi’s turnover

Sanofi is thus doubling the amount of investments announced in the pharmaceutical sector as part of Choose France. Pfizer has in fact announced to invest an additional 500 million euros, AstraZeneca 350 million, GSK 140 million and Novartis 28 million, for a total of just over a billion euros.

If Sanofi is a French group, France only represents 4.5% of its turnover. The investment announced this Monday could have been made in the United States. But the group chooses to strengthen its French roots. 60% of the drugs marketed by Sanofi are today manufactured in Europe. It’s 30% in France. This new investment allows us to establish this privileged positioning of France, at a time when the group is making a strategic shift towards innovative medicines and immunology.

Taxation too high

We now have all the technologies we need in France. We had already invested 500 million euros in Neuville sur Saône to build a scalable factory for biological medicines and vaccines, particularly mRNArecalls Audrey Derveloy, president of Sanofi France. We also invested 250 million euros to build Europe’s largest flu vaccine production unit in Normandy. Regarding our future drugs, we were strong on vaccines and small molecules, less on the production of monoclonal antibodies that we are currently developing. It’s done.»

France benefits from 35 to 40% of investments made by Sanofi worldwide. Since 2020, 2.5 billion euros have already been invested there. This French preference does not prevent the pharmaceutical laboratory from railing against the level of taxation in France, the difficulties in accessing the market or the low price of medicines. “Companies that choose France, whether French or foreign, would like their efforts to be better recognized», pleads Audrey Derveloy.



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