He decides to replace his old Sunfire with a used electric car… and he doesn’t regret it!

We are witnessing a change in behavior among consumers who are increasingly turning to electric vehicles when purchasing a used vehicle. This is the case of Yves Parent, who wanted to test this new technology before buying a new vehicle.

Mr. Parent took his vehicle to go from point A to point B, as he says. A necessary evil. However, when his Sunfire was at the end of its life, he decided to experiment with a hybrid model with the purchase of a Prius.

“The price [12 000 $] was between [ceux d’]a used Yaris and Matrix. It was acceptable and I understood the issues, says the man who has just turned 60. It had 96,000 miles on it, but I bought it because of Toyota’s reputation.

“It’s not killable.”

He was convinced he had made a good purchase because of his studies in electronics and his job in the electrical field. He was bitten, as they say, and he took his partner into his sweet madness.

With it, the resident of Danville, in Estrie, purchased several used electric vehicles in the space of a few years. And this is not because of a mechanical problem, but to acquire greater autonomy with the battery.

“When I tasted this, I didn’t want to use any more gasoline. I loved driving in electric mode, he adds. Subsequently, I bought a Volt with 100,000 km on the clock. If it had been gasoline, I would never have bought it with this mileage.”

“However, changing vehicles so often ends up being expensive.”

A solid market

Since the arrival of electric vehicles in Quebec around ten years ago, the market for used electric vehicles has been growing steadily.

With nearly 260,000 electric vehicles in Quebec, it is no coincidence that we are seeing more and more electric vehicles in the yards of used garages. Simple logic, according to the dealers we spoke to.

Photo taken on the Bourgeois Chevrolet website

And sales are there.

“50% of used cars sold are electric,” says Yannic Asselin, who is senior advisor for electric vehicles at Bourgeois Chevrolet in Rawdon. Since 2012, when we started selling used items, we have had increases every year.”

In general, customers are well informed when they go to a garage to buy a used electric car.

“They know very well the model they want,” explains Mr. Asselin. Aside from the battery recall episode with the Bolt, we have never had a customer who arrived here, we have never had a customer who came to complain about a battery life problem.

Energetic transition

In certain used vehicle garages, the inventory of electric vehicles is made as large as that for gasoline cars.

During the pandemic, when there was a shortage of vehicles in Quebec, a dealership in Estrie already had 80 electric cars out of a total of 140 in its yard.

Sébastien Marcotte, owner of JN Auto in Estrie, started selling used electric cars out of financial and environmental convictions.

Photo provided by Sébastien Marcotte

“Whether we believe it or not, we are in a global energy transition including the automotive sector,” explains Sébastien Marcotte, owner of JN Auto. For several reasons, we decided to embark on the sale of electric vehicles from the start out of financial and environmental convictions.”

With 3,000 used electric vehicles sold in the last decade, we must believe that his change in mentality has paid off at all levels.



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