Who can benefit from it and how?

Who can benefit from it and how?
Who can benefit from it and how?

Many people are faced with a difficult choice: they want to contribute to society while meeting their own financial needs, but circumstances may oppose it. A financial safety net is available to help in these difficult times, providing allowance of up to 3,000 euros.

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Who is eligible for this assistance? In a context of inflation, the ability to work and earn a living is invaluable. However, some people, despite a strong will, are severely limited by their situation. This assistance is intended for individuals whose work capacity is reduced by at least 66%, often due to an accident or illness. This allowance is known as ” Disability pension “.

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There Primary health insurance fund (CPAM) administers this pension, which constitutes a vital Source of income for beneficiaries. At the end of 2021, Drees reported that nearly 830,000 people benefited from this assistance, based on the individual’s ten best years of salary.

To obtain the disability pension, certain conditions must be met. The applicant must have been affiliated with Social Security for at least 12 months and be under 63 years old, the threshold for retirement.

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He must also have contributed on an income equivalent to at least 2,030 times the hourly inter-professional minimum wage (SMIC), over the 12 months preceding work stoppage. Otherwise, the paid work must have been 600 hours during the year before stopping work. For 2024, Social Security has set a monthly ceiling of 3,864 euros for this pension.

Financial aid
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Once these criteria are met, the candidate will receive the disability pension. Last April, this aid increased by 4.6%, an increase which will be fully effective in August. The amount depends on the category of disability, assessed by the CPAM doctor. The first category, for those still able to work, varies from 328.07 to 1,159.20 euros per month. The second, for those unable to work, varies from 328.07 to 1,932.00 euros. The third category, requiring the assistance of a third person, allows you to receive from 328.07 to 3,198.60 euros monthly.

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