TikTok sues US government

The Chinese social network is in turmoil with Uncle Sam. If it is not resold to a local company by January 19, 2025the app TikTok risks outright banning from the United States. This followed a law passed specifically for the occasion by the US Congress.

No proof ?

In order to avoid this sentence, TikTok has initiated legal action against the US government. In the lawsuit, we can read:

For the first time in history, Congress has passed legislation that places a permanent, nationwide ban on a single, specifically named communications platform and prevents every American from participating in a single online community. bringing together more than a billion people around the world. This law, the “Protecting Americans from Apps Controlled by Foreign Adversaries Act” (the “Act”), is unconstitutional.

The Chinese platform claims that the American government is unable to provide any proof of what she accuses him of. Uncle Sam criticizes the platform for threaten its economic and social balance, by various means. In short, TikTok is accused of “zombifying” younger generations, by pushing them to frantically consume the content offered on the platform.

This accusation has come up regularly for several years, but little by little, the attacks against TikTok by the USA had calmed down. However, they resumed with a vengeance in October 2023, “ due to the surge of videos deemed pro-Palestinian on the social network », according to Le Monde.

Sale is impossible

TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, claims that the US government’s desire is actually to ban TikTok, and nothing else. According to the Chinese company, the United States deliberately gave an untenable deadline for the resale of the social network. ByteDance says the US knew the sale was technologically impossible due to “ millions of lines of software code” to transfer.

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