the government will unveil the new rules at the end of the week

the government will unveil the new rules at the end of the week
the government will unveil the new rules at the end of the week

The government will make announcements on new unemployment insurance rules ” at the end of the week “, before a major labor reform expected in the fall, Matignon said on Sunday, confirming information from JDD .

A press conference by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and Minister of Labor Catherine Vautrin will be organized ” at the end of the week “, said Matignon, while the government announced that it wanted to tighten certain unemployment insurance rules to encourage a resumption of activity.

The Ministry of Labor had already announced that it will itself set the new compensation rules by “a deficiency decree” with effect from July 1, due to lack of agreement between the social partners on life at work and the employment of seniors.

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Extension of affiliation time

The executive has already mentioned certain avenues, in particular on the conditions of affiliation with France Travail: while it is currently necessary to have worked six months over the last two years to benefit from unemployment, this affiliation period could be extended. THE JDDin its Sunday edition, mentions a duration of nine months instead of six.

A new labor law, with measures to make life easier for businesses, is also still expected in the fall, Matignon confirmed.

A law on juvenile justice

Gabriel Attal has also refined in recent days the timetable for a bill on juvenile justice, presented “from summer” according to JDDa date confirmed by Matignon as incidents of violence involving young people punctuate the news in recent weeks.

The Prime Minister, who began consultations on the subject in recent days, nevertheless ruled out the idea of ​​suspending or eliminating family allowances to young delinquents’ homes, Matignon said.



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