Do you know what is the minimum amount to invest in an SCPI in 2024?

Do you know what is the minimum amount to invest in an SCPI in 2024?
Do you know what is the minimum amount to invest in an SCPI in 2024?

You want to invest, but you don’t really know how much. You’ve heard of SCPIs, but are they open to everyone, even small investors?

The performance of SCPIs in 2024

The economic climate plays a major role in the performance of SCPIs. In 2024, interest rates, the health of the real estate market, inflation and economic growth are the main factors influencing the performance of SCPIs (see the best SCPIs in 2024).

An environment of low inflation and low interest rates could, for example, favor the acquisition of SCPI shares, because financing is more accessible and the potential return remains attractive compared to other investment options.

To estimate the ideal amount to invest, we will look at past returns while projecting future returns.

The annual performance of SCPIs can vary depending on numerous factors such as the quality of the properties acquired, the management of the company and fluctuations in the real estate market.

How much can you invest at least in an SCPI?

The SCPI is a solution which allows you to invest in real estate for a modest sum, from 200 euros. Some companies even offer an entry ticket for €187 for one of their products.

But be careful, as a general rule, performance SCPIs encourage an initial investment of between €4,000 and €5,000 in order to be able to make the costs profitable and obtain a real return. Some still allow entry to those who can only invest a few hundred euros.

How much of your assets should you invest in SCPI?

It is recommended not to allocate more than 15% to 20% of your total assets in SCPI. Of course, this recommendation must be adapted to your profile. It varies depending on each asset situation.

For example, for an investor in the process of building up his assets, this recommendation may be largely exceeded. However, when making future investments, you will need to keep this limit in mind.



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